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Three Years and Counting

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Ephraim Tannhauser, Oct 20, 2015.

By Ephraim Tannhauser on Oct 20, 2015 at 4:06 PM
  1. Ephraim Tannhauser

    Ephraim Tannhauser Fleet Admiral (OF-7) Staff Member

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    Three years ago today, a small group of Kickstarter backers and early members of the RSI forum came together with a unique vision for approaching a very ambitious project. A lot has changed since then – while Star Citizen has continued to evolve into the Best Damn Space Sim Ever, the Systems United Navy has continued to adapt and mold itself.

    We’ve had our share of good days and bad days. We’ve waged successful campaigns, earned recognition, and suffered drama both internal and external. We’ve built friendships, forged allegiances, and have lost comrades. Time and time again, we’ve shown that patience, perseverance and planning will accomplish all things.

    The journey is far from over. Hell, it’s only closer to beginning. We’re continue to grind down our rough edges, and to hone our sharp ones. And when the jump points finally open and the barbarian hordes of Vanduul, pirates and griefers are set loose on the universe, they’ll find the proud Servicemen of the Systems United Navy waiting for them. It will be my honor to be standing there next to you.

    Join in the Fun

    The only good thing about Tuesday is that it’s no longer Monday. Join us instead this Saturday, 24 October for a day of fun and friendly competition. The event will officially kick off at 1100 UTC and will run the remainder of the day. We’ll be cycling through games throughout, but to start with prepare for:
    Simply hop on Mumble, find a game and get into the action! Don’t hesitate to bring friends along, even if they’re not interested in Star Citizen. This is open to Servicemen and non-Servicemen alike. And feel free to voice your own suggestions for games or activities!


    Nine lucky Servicemen will be going home with some extra swag. All Servicemen in attendance will be entered into our raffle, with the drawing being held on Sunday, 25 October. The prizes are divided into three packages as follows:
    • Veteran: One Aegis Dynamics Sabre with LTI, one copy of the Consolidated Operations Codex or RSI Gift Card, and one UEE Distinguished Service Skin.
    • Serviceman: One copy of the Consolidated Operations Codex or RSI Gift Card.
    • Cadet: One UEE Distinguished Service Skin.
    All prizes have been provided by donation, and entry will be free of charge.

    Celebrate our Successes Together

    If you haven’t yet gotten around to building your dream Star Citizen rig, or if you’re simply not interested in any of the games on the docket, you’re welcome to join in the celebration anyway. Swap stories with Servicemen from around the world. Banter and bicker about the latest developments. And have a glass of your preferred beverage on hand at 2000 UTC for a toast to our organization and the dedicated players that drive it ever onwards.

    This day is for fellowship and shared entertainment. As such, no business is to be discussed. Mumble Office Hours will follow on Sunday, 25 October for official discussion.

    We look forward to seeing you!

    Credit to Drakon for his generous graphic design.

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Ephraim Tannhauser, Oct 20, 2015.