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SUNSPOT #62: November Livestream Edition

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jasticus, Nov 20, 2015.

By Jasticus on Nov 20, 2015 at 12:00 AM
  1. Jasticus

    Jasticus Well-Known Member


    Okay, so unlike the total and absolute void we got last week (I picked a good week to forget to post something), today was absolutely chock full of information.

    Unlike a normal SUNSPOT, I don't really think things can be divided up the normal way, so I'm just going to be posting things from beginning to end in one concise spot. This way you can look here and get all your jollies in one nice place.

    I'm also not certain if there will be a Reverse the Verse tomorrow since they are moving offices this weekend (I don't think there will be), but if they are, then I will add it here later.

    The biggest news at the moment though?
    SC ALPHA 2.0 IS CURRENTLY ON THE PTU. Yay! Get out your party poppers and whatnot. The only current catch is that it is limited to 1000 people, but as with previous tests that number will likely grow exponentially as they begin stress testing.

    As for everything else, because they dumped everything on us that they haven't told us over the last couple of weeks, I'm going to knock 'em all out point-by-point. (It's also late on a work day so I don't have a helluva lot of time to put this together.)

    *** First up, the 'summarized feature list' for the upcoming release:

    - 8 Dogfighting missions
    - 8 Research missions
    - 1 Exploration mission
    - 1 Station for PvP (Security Post Kareah). It contains new weapons for you to gain and try.
    - 20+ Random Encounters
    - Scavenging some wreckage (near an asteroid belt)
    - 12 to 16 ships in a zone (20-30 players)
    - 3 Moons, each with a station, and one with an asteroid belt
    - 1 derelict station, for EVA/exploration. (Covalex Shipping Hub)
    - 9 Repair Stations
    - Avenger Warlock, Avenger Titan, and Avenger Stalker are all Hangar and Flight ready.
    - Vanguard is hangar ready.
    - New flight dynamics and modes
    - EVA is back (ctrl+f)
    - Weapons can be recharged/rearmed at their appropriate stations.
    - Ship repair, refuel, and rearm.
    - Mobi-glass implementation for mission logs.

    *** The patch notes for SC Alpha 2.0:
    Known Issue: Returning to the Hangar from Crusader will crash the client.

    *** The Anvil Crucible is now in concept sale:

    It's definitely not cheap, but in case you happen to be interested, check here.

    *** Tying in with the Crucible is the very detailed design document about how repairs will work in game.


    It will take you a while to read up on it.

    *** BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SHIPS?! AND THE SALES?! AND THE... stuff and things?

    Glad you asked. The current rundown is as follows: (prices in USD)

    Crucible: 350

    Avenger 'Titan' (cargo mod): 50

    Avenger 'Stalker' (combat mod): 60

    Avenger 'Warlock' (EMP mod): 85

    P-72 Archimedes (aka The LTI Token): 30

    Star Citizen Starter Packages are being sold at 30 USD each, they will be allowing 1000 a day until the end of November.

    Finally, there is a sale 'schedule' they posted, but it is made a moot point when they say at the end 'all' ships offered will once again be made available on November 27th - 29th.

    *** For those of you actually interested in the Cutlass, there was a nice write-up posted last week about the update status of the ship, and where it currently stands. Read it here, if you missed it.


    I will post the links since Xenforo limits the actual number of videos that can display in a post.

    Crucible Whitebox so far

    SQ42: Meet the 'Old Man' Teaser

    SQ42: Behind the Scenes - Mark Hamill

    SQ42: Interview with Mark Hamill

    SQ42: Behind the Scenes - Character Pipeline

    Million Mile High Club Tour

    PCGamer Mark Hamill Interview

    GameStar John Rhys-Davies Interview

    GameStar Mark Hamill Interview

    *** SC HOTAS is coming sometime May - June 2016.
    150 for the HOTAS
    200 total for the added keyboard.

    Still no final price on the high tier stick.

    CR will be signing at least some of them... no details yet.

    *** HEADBOB IS GONE. That is all.

    If there are any further updates, I'll post them here, but this posting essentially equals last week plus this week. I may switch to bi-weekly for December, since they appear to be giving us information in controlled bursts as of late.

    Keep cool and game on,
    - Jasticus

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jasticus, Nov 20, 2015.

    1. Sawyer
      Its Crash Arena update but CIG already knows, and also I have yet to see someone in the FPS station.

      And how about that p-72
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    2. Briskit
      Cheers Jasticus saves reading everything on the rsi site, wasn't ware the snub fighter was lti so picked one up for upgrades as we can't downgrade yet

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    3. NanoAgeWarrior
      I hope we can get a group together when it goes Live
    4. Phoenix49
      Cheers Jasticus, legend as always.

      I didn't know the headbob was gone, and I watched the livestream XD I hope some people will be appeased by the news!
    5. Alderaxen
      Does anyone know when a "day" is over? - I was hoping to take advantage of the $30 packages and I want to catch the new batch as soon as they are released.
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    6. Briskit
      I think they will probably refresh at 7pm gmt when the sale started yesterday. Not sure what it is on another timezone tho
    7. Schwimmy
      The latest batch (today) went up at 9 PST, with about 250 of the packages being sold in the first 4 minutes. They ran out after 22 minutes.
    8. Jasticus
      So there was a Reverse the Verse after all. It was short and completely informal since they just did the whole 3 hour thing yesterday.

      As promised, here it is: (thanks INN)

      - More design posts are coming soon.
      - Avenger variants are flyable in 2.0, and the march to (full) 2.0 begins now. There’ll be an update from the UK this week, basically saying hey, 2.0 is out there. List of blockers is almost none, cause they’re collecting stuff from us now. They’ll get feedback based on the testing. No idea how soon it’ll go to the next PTU phase, which is 20,000 users, (they've increased to 6k as of this posting) but it’s still awesome seeing people play and stream it. There is NO NDA for 2.0 PTU so, that’s awesome.
      - Justin’s week – He’s proud of the livestream. 85% of the videos came from the Community team, which is cool. Videos were awesome. Pipeline videos, interview videos, and that’s what he spent the week doing. Also a shoutout to Thomas Hennessy, who was adamant that they do the livestream a bit differently this time. Multiple cameras, handheld camera, multiple locations, proof of concept for bigger events in the future.
      - This week Allie worked with Turbulent to get all the discounted merch set up on the site. They’ve also extended that merch sale through to next Saturday.
      - They’ll be expanding the referral program. new awards include one for 42 rewards (racing pack), a few more (100, 250, 1042). The 1042 reward is access to the Million Mile High club.
      - They’ve recieved the final version of the Concierge Black Cards and they look very pretty. They’re in production now, hoping to have them to us around January, February of next year.
      - Q: Possible to get a loaner Andromeda for those who own a Phoenix? A: It will happen in Live. It may not happen in PTU. Andromeda should be the loaner for most large ships. There’s not as much control about the PTU.
      - Q: Hotas available with just the numberpad and not the keyboard? A: The HOTAS is standalone, not sure if you can just buy the numberpad part and not the whole keyboard.They’ll find out. Keyboard is mechanical, but not Cherry’s. More of a silent mechanical keyboard. They’re going over all the specifics on the HOTAS though. Expensive HOTAS is still coming; that’ll be coming later into the year next year. For now it’s the HOTAS and Keyboard. CIG arent’ sure about the mouse and headphone option though. Ones available for preorder in December are just the regular HOTAS and the keyboard.
      - Q: Avenger wing guns? A: They’re checking on that. They’ll let us know soon.
      - Some guns are changing. Chris wasn’t happy about the small guns on the Connie, they’ll be getting balanced shortly. S1’s should be S2’s there. Many gun changes incoming.
      - The packages go on sale at 9am Eastern each day.
      - Connie models are $80. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.
      - USB stick and 3inch models are in prototyping. The collectors box model is in moulding as well. They’re working on all the stuff for the collectors boxes it sounds.
      - Q: CCU to different endeavour variants? A: There’s just the one Endeavour; you make your own endeavour by buying the pods you want.
      - CCU’s to Avenger variants might not be working, they’re gonna get in touch with Turbulent.
      - The high-end HOTAS might be ~ 550$, Sandi has to confirm that though.
      - The Carrack is going to Gurmukh now, and they’ll follow it as it gets its interior worked out. That’ll be Gurmukh’s first task at the new office.
      - Sandi’s character in SQ42 has a mohawk.
      - Q: Reliant variants? A: They’ll be one of the next things offered, possibly in December. They’ve just closed them off. They look distinct, and we’ll see them very soon.
      - Q: Why do avenger variants look the same as the original? A: Because they’re modules, like the Retaliator. In the future, you’ll be able to have one avenger, and say you want the cargo module or the EMP module or the prisoner module. That system doesn’t work in 2.0 right now, it’s just the ship you have in your account, so they’re making them available as whole units. In the future there’ll be the option to swap the module models. They did not make the stalker the ‘base’, which is the one everyone already has. You save some money if you want to switch to the Cargo, rather than the bounty hunter.
      - Taurus sucks confirmed. Taurus is the iPhone C of spaceships, that no-one wants.
      - News from Erin – They have a new PTU build that’ll be patching later today, but it’s looking good, might be able to add more people for the weekend!
      - Lots of new job postings on CIG as well. Especially looking for 3D artists.
      - This is the last RtV from the old office. Next week is a holiday. There will be an AtV on Thursday. It’ll have segments about character animations.
      - They might try to do a little live Q&A next week during the week, assuming they can get it set up in the new office.
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    9. Redshift
      Awww... I originally liked the Taurus. I had one, then I upgraded... then I upgraded again.. then I .. OH MY GOD I CAN'T STOP!?!!

      But seriously, the only thing I did was upgrade my Avenger to a Warlock. That's it. I'm pretty much set as to what I really want at this time. Oh.. and I got a black card. COME TO DADDY!!
    10. FatRefrigerator
      Best news I've seen in a while :D