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SUNSPOT #57: October 3rd to 10th

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jasticus, Oct 11, 2015.

By Jasticus on Oct 11, 2015 at 10:47 PM
  1. Jasticus

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    Well, as I have said the last 2 weeks... this one would be the big one. It turned out to be true as well, for the most part anyway.

    Lots of new stuff and things were shown off, but as to when exactly we are gonna get to mess around with them... well, that's anyone's guess. If we're lucky we'll see SC Alpha 1.3 going to the PTU sometime next week, and then SC Alpha 2.0 sometime before the end of the year. All we can do is hope at this point.

    Because Xenforo only lets me post 4 youtube videos, I can't actually put them all in this post... just in case anyone asks. I will post links here, but probably not any pictures because pretty much all of them can be found in the various videos, or links to their direct place of display.

    There is waaaaay too much for me to go into great depth on any one topic (not lack of desire, more like lack of time) so everything will be here with descriptions, but probably with a lack of lengthy explanations. Besides, I'm sure that almost everything I'm going to post here has been discussed at length elsewhere already.

    So lets get into the news topics in a point-by-point basis, for those of you who aren't exactly 'in the know', but keep attuned to the game based on this weekly posting.

    - The 'ship upgrade' system has been posted on the RSI website for those of you who have been looking to change your ships out. Also commonly referred to as 'CCU' - Cross-Chassis Upgrade.

    (PSA from Reddit) There is something of note about this current upgrade set, though - you can buy the actual change/upgrade 'kits' apart from owning the actual ship. So if you can't afford the 'base' ship to upgrade from right now, since the ships on sale are all limited, you can buy the rather inexpensive (or free!) upgrade/change kit to get the limited version of a ship at a later date.
    - There is a new ship from Aegis that we had not seen or heard about until yesterday, the Aegis Sabre. It is supposed to be on-par with the Hornet, though a bit faster and more stealthy, whereas the Hornet relies more on taking and dealing damage.

    - A new referral program has been put into place... apparently CIG feels that the positives will outweigh the negatives by implementing such a thing. The resulting new entrants to the scene outweighing the frowny faces of original long time backers who have already done their fair share of recruitment up to this point. Grumbles have been observed so far, though we'll have to wait and see how this one pans out.

    - There is now a new landing page for Squadron 42. There is a new 'preorder' page there for the game, which at this time still does include Star Citizen. It has been more than hinted by both CR's wording and from how the website describes it that it will likely be sold as a standalone game in the future, likely when much closer to release.

    - The ever popular lengthy monthly studio report to consume.

    - The latest update on Star Marine, with the latest blockers listed.

    - Endeavor Q&A Parts 2 and 3. Part Three features Tony Zurovec answering the questions.

    - Lastly for this portion, but certainly not least, is the fancy-pants new Starmap. I've already spent an hour or two looking through it, and based upon comments I've seen on the net and on youtube, I know I'm not alone.



    Can't post too many YT links because of Xenforo, like I said before, so they'll be posted as text.

    Cloud Imperium Games - A Brief Retrospective

    SC Alpha 2.0 Press Demo

    Starmap Walkthrough

    Referral Program Walkthrough

    Squadron 42: Bishop's Senate Speech

    Squadron 42: Facial Animation Technology

    Squadron 42: Behind the Scenes

    Squadron 42: Gary Oldman Interview

    SC Alpha 2.0 LIVE Demo

    Squadron 42: The Morrow Tour (LIVE)

    CitzenCon 2015 Full Presentation

    Oh my, the explosions!

    The actual cast list for SQ42 (so far) for those who haven't visited the site yet (for some reason?):


    10 For the Writers, October 5th

    Okay, with 10FTW - they always give some really long and sometimes not on point responses. That's to be expected, though, since writing often tends to make people have to look at things from a lot of angles... so they end up going all over the place with their responses. Here is the full transcript, courtesy of INN.

    Will any of the alien races in Star Citizen have extremely advanced technology, and if so what would their general backstory be? Also will it be possible to find ancient, highly advanced technology and if so will we get to know where it came from and what created it?
    Current races will be about on-par with Humanity, technologically speaking. The differences is that they may have focused their development in a different direction, or were able to place a greater focus on certain aspects of their culture. Considering some races live 3 to 4 times longer than humans (Xi'an) this to be expected.

    Chris Roberts has mentioned boarding large derelict ships before. Will there be any myster/suspense story arcs surrounding this aspect of exploration?

    Not really SC-related. Compared to normal writing of fiction, how does writing for a developing game change how you go about making your fiction?
    The freedoms and constraints are a bit different. You're free to do what you want within someone else's guidelines, but get to go much more in depth within those constrants than you would typically bother with normally.

    When will we get more back story on the Vanduul? Leaders, motives for attacks, what kind of people are they? Do they just move through space decimating all in the way, taking what they want? Or are they just mindless slaves held by a bigger and greater power we do not know about yet?
    That's meta knowledge. You'll begin finding these things out in SQ42, it's too early to spoil now.

    Are the short stories at the end of the Jump Point issues actual events that have happened in the universe or just for fun?
    Consider them speculational fiction. Think of movies that say 'based on real events'. It may not have happened in the way they are written in the stories, but are embellished for storytelling purposes.

    Lately we’ve seen some interaction between the fiction and the community in the form of the Citizen Opinion Poll. Personally I felt that really helped bring the lore of the PU alive and made it feel like real, current events that we can actually be involved in and maybe even impact in some way. What are some other ways that the lore we’re reading now will be integrated into the gameplay and be relevant to players in the persistent universe?
    It was fun to do, and there are plans for more similar things in the future.

    Hey Will how are you? What are you, Dave and Adam working on lately?
    Currently working on some narrative stuff to tie into ArcCorp. Were really, really busy with the SQ42, but that's been mostly handled so now it's full-steam ahead onto everything else.

    Has there ever been any thought about having ‘live’ NPCs? I know that’s a contradiction in terms, but what I mean is a live actor who plays as an NPC and does something special in game. Like a gangster boss that comes into the bar and causes trouble or gives out a few special missions. Or perhaps, a politician who comes to town square and gives a little speech and talks to the people in town. But the gangster and politician are CIG agents/employees, role playing parts.
    That's currently difficult to do because of the way instancing works, and they'd like for everyone to have the same opportunity. Since the game is still in development though, they won't rule it out ever happening.

    Will the initial launch of the Galactapedia contain only infos we have received so far and you add new stuff when you release a new spectrum dispatch? Or will it already contain most of the historical and social infos we need for the start of Squadron 42? How difficult is it to get enough information outside to keep the crowd busy, but also keep enough secrets for future surprises? Do you have a release plan to tackle this problem?
    They've already started work on it, but it's too early yet for them to know how it will be presented. It is something they are aware of, and once the Galactapedia has a certain amount of 'critical mass', they will likely move towards release.

    What ever happened to the multi-part stories of old such as Kid Crimson? Any chance of bringing those back? I thought they did a great job of telling the story of ‘how’ we would live day to day from the perspective of someone inside the universe/lore. I miss those. The news posts and feeds are great (Observist, Congress Now etc), but they talk at us as if we are already in the ‘verse.
    They still exist in Jump Point, and they may be brought back in future stories, but at the moment there is more interest in getting people 'involved' the way they currently write them.


    ATV, October 8th

    Santa Monica
    – Super busy week. Working on character tech a lot. One of the ongoing systems that they’re trying to break boundaries on. Really big for the team. Bringing it to a close soon.
    - Kirk Tomei is animating the Xi’an Scout. They’re looking at some of the animations for that, looking to present alien tech in a way where humans can use it – sit in it, how the UI will work.
    - Calix is working on balance as well, getting feedback from the community. He’s been working on balancing missiles, making sure they’re doing the right amount of damage. Matt Sherman’s been doing a lot of component work as well. Working towards a balanced system, always going to be getting feedback from us. Balancing is never done.
    - They’re trying to create an ‘ad-hoc’ feel to owning an alien craft, like from Battlestar Galactica.

    - Working on new shop styles. Dumper’s Depot, Casaba Outlet, Astro Armada, all of the different shops. No shopping yet, that’s two milestones away still, but they’re looking ahead to Nyx already. Lots of shops will be in Nyx, as well as ‘open shopping’ an open market bazaar.
    - Utilizing lots of existing shops, rebranding them, and rebuilding those to be all new, all different shops. They’ll look familiar, but they’ll be all new and all different.
    - Animators are working on zero-g enters and exit animations for all ships. In the near future, zero-g animations’ll work getting in and out of ships in space.
    - Working on faces for CitizenCon. Working on getting character heads and faces looking as good as possible. This includes hairstyles. They’re trying to break the uncanny valley.

    - (All about CitizenCon.)
    - General CS update - they’re getting through the backlog as quickly as they can. If you have a time-sensitive issue, don’t worry, it’ll be treated as if it were answered on the day you send it.

    - Grew by four people in the office this week. Tech Artist, Environment artist, IT guy, and QA guy.
    - From a global standpoint on animation, working on FPS core mechanics. Working on basic motion, and base gunplay. How it feels when you’re moving, how recoil and sway feel, working on procedural adjustments to it, allowing them to add different attachments to the weapons, and more.

    Reverse the Verse

    (Short this week because of CitCon).

    - Q: News on the new CCU System? (It was put up right before CitizenCon.)
    - They won’t talk about the presentation, that’s the point of the presentation
    - Q: Limited onsite sale? A: (No, Saber was announced and currently selling.)
    - Q:Will the new CCU system be for only flyable ships A: (No, as we can already see.)
    - Subscriber flair will come out today but it will not appear today, it will appear next patch same with the squadron 42 trophy flair
    - Q: Why did PTU 1.2.1 come out? A: It became 1.3 because they merged everything and wanted to have it all together rather than 1.3 being the big one.
    - Q: Will the new squadron 42 shirts be available for along time? A: Yes hopefully, it depends on how fast they sell. It still is first come first serve basis but if they get enough interest they will get more.
    - Q: How easy do the Star Citizen tattoos come off? A: Fairly easy, they’re safe to put on but require some scrubbing to get it off.
    - Q: What is in 1.3? A: It’s a groundwork patch with all the framework for the future. (Check the CitCon presentation.)
    - Sneak peek from the last two weeks have been lighting improvements from someone Jared can’t remember, it was someone that did it themselves and they hired him because they liked it so much.
    - Emre Switzer, Jared remembers his name now.
    - Matt is working is working on components, Aurora set up, working on 300 series.
    - Randy is working on some salvage stuff, working on concept stuff and how it works with the Caterpillar.
    - There are plans for a prison module for the Caterpillar. It will be launching with a subset of modules, not all the modules. They are deciding what to launch with and what to leave for us to discover in game.
    - Q: Will the Connie be hangar ready for 1.3? A: No it will not be. It’s because whatever is ready for the patch goes in..
    - Q: Any news about the Lego Hornet? A: No news.
    - Q: Can the caterpillar be larger or become smaller like a train? A: Right now they do not intend to do that.
    - Q: How far along are the Prowler and Herald? A: Prowler not far right now. Herald is in the works, there are a couple screenshots of the interior from last weeks ATV.
    - Q: More information on science? A: Tony will answer 5 questions on the Endeavor Q&A later today. (see above)
    - Q: Who will be doing ship shape? A: Shipshape will change and won't the same but still exists.
    - Q: Any news on the baby pu? A: (See Livestream.)
    - Q: What was up with the fubbed up Empire Report? A: They had filmed all 30 of them 6 months ago, so they’re literally out until they record more. Because of the events from the past week with the Vanduul, the events on Empire Report wouldn’t coinside with the current events, so they are on hold.
    - New format for Shipshape is getting segments from the UK.
    - Q: Size 4 guns? A: They have a new size 4 gun coming out soon, Super Hornet and
    Cutlass will be able to mount it. They will flesh out more over time and want to make sure this gun works good first.
    - Q: When will we see another Wonderful World of Star Citizen? A: All depends on when Jared gets enough content for it.
    - Q: What is this months subscriber flair? A: (350R, unique CitCon trophy)
    - Q: Will we be able to fly single seater ships in the PU? A: Yes you will be able to. (*facepalm*)
    - Q: How does the man-launcher work in the caterpillar? A: You’ll lay down inside it and hit a button to eject. Use your EVA thrusters to slow yourself.
    - Q: Will there be atmopsheric shields for when doors open? A: It will be a case by case basis, on a larger ship like a Bengal, sure. Not on a smaller ship like the Constellation.
    - Q: Updates on avenger and cutlass?] No updates right now.
    - The Size 4 gun will not be only for the Super Hornet or Cutlass, it will be available in the REC store in the future, you just have to have the size 4 mount available on your ship.


    Hope everyone enjoyed the stuff from CitizenCon. I know I did.

    There is a TON of info floating around out there right now, it repeats in a lot of places, but I think what is above is a pretty good summary of everything going on. Of course if you check all the above links for all the content, it's another couple of hours of reading and video watching. So have fun.

    Keep cool and game on,
    - Jasticus

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jasticus, Oct 11, 2015.

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      I remember the olden days when SUNSPOT was posted on Fridays...

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    2. Jasticus
      Yeah, well... then they started doing reverse the verse on Fridays, and still have information trickling in on Saturday...

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      Yeah, there is certainly a mountain of crap to wade through if you want to go looking for any pertinent information other than what is just posted on the RSI site. Luckily Reddit is still a pretty good filter, but there are still a few things here and there out in the wild that have some interesting insights. I also like to keep my ear to the ground, in a manner of speaking, to see which way the wind is blowing.
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