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SUNSPOT #53: September 5th to 12th

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jasticus, Sep 13, 2015.

By Jasticus on Sep 13, 2015 at 7:23 PM
  1. Jasticus

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    Hello once again, everybody.

    It's been yet another week, and there really isn't too much to talk about, because a lot of the things speak for themselves. Such as...

    Patch 1.2.1 has arrived on the PTU, and can be played. The patch will probably hit the live server sometime this week. There are a lot of changes, some of which are not documented in the current notes. The Scythe and Glaive weapons have been buffed so they are at least decent now. Rocket damage (on the Delta) has been buffed. The Merlin's weight was reduced, making it even faster. Finally, all non-gatling weapons now have weapon spread.

    Here's the actual notes:
    Show Spoiler

    Hangar Module
    • Fixed an issue where characters would not be properly aligned in the Retaliator when attempting to sit in the Retaliator pilot chair.
    • Fixed an issue where characters would appear outside of the Gladiator when attempting to sit down in the Gladiator pilot chair.
    • Fixed an issue where the pilot of a Vanduul Scythe would experience unusual camera shaking when looking around in-game.
    • Fixed several texture conflict issues in the Selfland Hangar.
    User Interface
    • Fixed an issue where client FPS would drop when the cursor hovered over scrolling text.
    • Fixed an issue where rapidly switching between different sections in the game menu would sometimes lock out access to device cycling.
    Arena Commander Module
    • Fixed an issue with the Vanduul Glaive, where the boost would not work as it had no fuel. to device cycling.
    User Interface
    • Fixed an issue where players would be unable to trigger respawn if they died while interacting with the HUD.
    • The right-CTRL key is now the default toggle for Weapon Gimbal Lock as Left-ALT is now used for another function.
    Social Module
    • Characters will now be teleported back to a safe spawn point if they fall out of Area 18’s geometry.
    User Interface
    • There is a new loading screen when taking the elevator from the Hangar to ArcCorp’s Area 18.
    • Chat channels and display names now have a color to distinguish them from chat text.
    • Channel [Local] is now in yellow.
    • Player display names are now in blue.
    • When using Augmented Reality, shop items will now have a blue highlight when targeted.
    • The left-ALT key now enables use of the Mouse and locks the character in place, allowing use of buttons, tabs and other in-game functionality.
    • Fixed a collision issue where characters could clip out of the map in the Medical Unit back alley.
    • Fixed a collision issue where characters could clip out of the map in Dumper’s Depot.
    • Fixed a number of texture of conflicts and lighting bugs in ArcCorp.
    User Interface
    • Character names in Augmented Reality will now transition in and out of view based on range at a smother, more gradual rate.
    • Updated the advanced keybinding options and keyboard keymap image in the game menu to now show the Social Module features.

    There is the weekly post about Star Marine, and yay that they have merged the code streams so it's all together now. Maybe we'll see some new improvements in the patch after this one... and maaaaaaaybe have Star Marine by the end of the month? There were a lot of updates, but very few looked like actual blockers.

    Lastly, the Community Hub is up and running! I'm not sure if everyone has access yet, but I do know that Subscribers and Concierge had access as of Wednesday or Thursday. There's already lots of good stuff on it, like this little gem (and yes, I know it slightly adverts another org in it):



    There was literally nothing visual media-wise from CIG this week, in all seriousness. The only thing of interest was proof that they're working on the Caterpillar again.



    10 FTC, September 7th

    Is the “multicrew ship tech” something specific to multicrew ships or will it be generic enough to be used for single seat ships? For instance, will my Aurora be “coded” like the Retaliator allowing me to have one person in the bed while I pilot the ship and a 3rd one just standing behind me even if the ship is tagged “single seat ship”?
    Yes, but there is a thing called life support. So it will be draining power from other ship systems to keep everyone alive. Even then it may not be enough.

    When, or if, procedural generation content is implemented, will a location be saved after being generated so that returning to the same location remains the same as when it is first visited?
    Yes. It will be deterministic procedural generation... so the first time you visit it will be procedurally generated, then will be the same every time you visit after that.

    Various games have had issues with creating a social community in bars, will there be things to draw players to bars in the PU?
    The Jobwell will be the place to go to get the completely legit jobs, but if you want the harder or riskier stuff, the bars are the place to get them. Some locations may not have a 'jobwell' equivalent too.

    How can players warn NPC’s of an impending attack? For instance, a player finds out an organization is planning an attack on a lawless base ran by NPC’s, will there be a mechanic to warn the NPC’s to activate the base defenses and defend against the incoming fleet or will the organization’s fleet be allowed to disembark en masse and start slaughtering the base’s NPC’s
    You won't really be able to warn NPC's of an attack... the only way you could do something like this is if you had NPC's working for you.

    What is the difference between a missile and a torpedo in Star Citizen? They seem to fill very similar roles, but are apparently distinct sizes / types of weapons.
    They are essentially much bigger, much slower missiles. The payload they carry is massive when compared to a normal missile.

    With the recent mention of the various multi-crew roles on Ship Shape, are there any plans to add additional seats to the Retaliator and like in other ships its size?
    No additional seats for the Retaliator. Pilot and Engineer are enough for a bomber, plus all the turret seats.

    I know a (lot) of games, where the gameplay was destroyed by bots and gold sellers. How will you prevent this?
    They will sell small amounts of UEC with a monthly or weekly cap to supplement their infrastructure. There will also be transfer caps in game for money, if you transfer too much to a person you'll have to pay a tax on it, and the more you transfer the higher the tax... and it won't be immediate either.

    With the newer ship designs (vanguard, retaliator) as well as the reworks of some other multi-crew ships I’ve noticed a move to “isolate” external facing positions (pilot, gunner, etc.). I’m curious if some of these choices are a way to use design to help solve technical issues.
    No, since a lot of the initial ships were designed by different artists. They've been putting them into game almost exactly the same as their initial concepts.

    If Arc Corp is a relatively small landing area (as shown in the social module), and there was talk some time ago about 1000 players per server instance, how many landing pads will be on Arc Corp? How will selecting those pads, landing, and keeping those pads occupied work? Or will you just not be able to land until there’s a clear pad?
    There won't be 1000 people per instance, that was never said. 100 people on 10 servers, maybe. As for the landing pads themselves, they will all be individually instanced.

    Will there be a pipeline for landing zones like there are for ships? Also, will landing zones be released in stages like Arc Corp is with the stores and the like coming in later or will the landing zone be fully fleshed out by the time we are able to walk around it?
    There currently is a pipeline, and it's led by Ian Leland in the UK. After ArcCorp, Shubin, and Nyx... most of the other places you will be seeing should arrive fully-fleshed out, for the most part.


    ATV, September 10th

    Santa Monica
    - with SC 1.3 coming up, they’re making changes to how GOST works. More details will come as they go foward, but it’ll be preparing for multicrew.
    - Working on an item system redesign. Too premature for many details, but some fundamental changes are coming to some core technologies. We’ll see updates on those soon.

    - Mo-Cap shoot just wrapped up on Friday. It was a mini shoot in Austin, lead animator and designers were there, working to capture more emotes. Working on 25 more emotes for the next release. Also wil be adding audio to the emotes.
    - Working on hair internally. They have a ‘gold standard’ hair model for characters, so that’ll start being outsourced and varianted, so characters’ll be a little more fleshed out soon. Also outsourcing some character clothing – CGbot will be helping with that. More than just 6 FPS armours soon.
    - Environment tweaks – clouds will be added, give the impression of weather.
    - Also working on a separate section of ArcCorp. One of the alley ways that lead back into the depths of Area 18 will be opening to a new area soon.

    - Working on optimizations for networking and reducing CPU usage. Some of that can be seen in the 25 player limit in social module. Largely revolves around high-level features being disabled that aren’t needed anymore.
    - Working on replacing entire components of the CryEngine network code. It’s a system designed for 10s of players, they’re scaling towards 100s instead.
    - Also working on global entity ID system. Previous CryEngine system only allowed 65,000 entities. Entities are anything you might interact with in the game. New system uses 64 bit, can now have quadrillions of entities in the game. Benefit is it simplifies the network binding – how an entity identifies itself. It's also an important first step on the road to PU, because it allows CIG to give each entity in SC its own unique entity ID, so each object is identified in the backend uniquely.

    - Cinematics: Getting data back from Imaginarium. Reviewing shots and scenes, figuring out how things’ll be implemented into the game properly so they sync. Working on AI systems with the designers, to get the most out of the animation. Starting to layer animations on top of cycles.
    - Facial tech is coming very very well. Still adding wrinkle mass and stuff. Adding bloodmaps and wrinkle maps so it’ll look really nice and in-depth when it’s presented at CitizenCon. That will be the first time everything’ll come together.

    Reverse the Verse

    - Jim Martin was around yesterday. Did a final review of the Endeavour, rendering out different pods, making changes to the front so it can detach. He designed the USS defiant from Deep Space 9, Ben got him to sign stuff.
    - Freelancer? Nothing new yet. Still in progress.
    - Q: Next design doc? A: Probably be related to Science for when the Endeavour comes out. There’s one in the works about modularity too though, either one could be first.
    - Important note about the artwork for the Endeavour – All iterative development. None of those are final. The one with the ring around it is the ‘latest’ version.
    - Q: Mustang Delta on sale again? A: Yes, for limited sales.
    - Q: Pioneer design doc? / Exploration? A: Yes, it will happen, can’t say when though.
    - Q: Showed hairstyles on AtV – will female character models have longer hair? A: Still in development, but there will be more options than those. All the clothing options you’ve seen, including the hair options, are part of the ‘Terra White Collar’ series. Just one series on one planet.
    - Q: Work on the Reclaimer this year? A: No. Reclaimer’s slated for next year. Combat multicrew ships will be before the role-specific ones. No timeline for things like the Reclaimer.
    - Q: Youtube Gaming on Community Hub? A: Yes. That’s slated for 1.1 of the Community hub. They launched Youtube Gaming the day CIG finished the first iteration of the Community Hub.
    - Q? DX 12 support? A: No idea! Frankfurt guys might know more about that. That’s programming, not design.
    - No date for the Endeavour sale. Sales schedule is based on when it’s done, not when they want money. If it were done this week, it’d be on sale. Ben doesn’t see it next week either. After that, it’s anyone’s guess. Especially for new concept ships, it’s important to have Design go through it, and to have lots of questions answered going into it.
    - Also some bigger ships are being impacted by component work. Changing how many of what components are going into ships. Before it’d be, this ship gets 1 s9. Now, it’s… how many large, how many capital class, etc…
    - Q: Freelancer rework include modules or staying with variants? A: Same variants as before. Not every ship is going to be the Tali.
    - There can be very distinct variant hulls that still have modules. Can create more gameplay loadout opportunities. Ben would love to see additional Tali hulls. He sees it as the B-17g, with a nose turret, but there’s probably a F and D that have different hardpoints and shapes.
    - Q: Next social module zone? A: Work right now is mostly on expanding Area 18, but Nyx will be the next one after that.
    - Q: Limited ship sale soon? A: There will be the Endeavour sometime, and the Crucible after that, and the Prowler. And some Reliant variants coming. Dave Hobbins is working on those.
    - Q: Casaba outlet? A: It’ll be upcoming. It’s being worked on now.
    - Q: What is the Prowler? A: It’s the boarding ship, the Tevarin derived boarding ship. Taking additional time because they have to flesh out the Tevarin first. When they were doing stretch-goals, all the wave 4 ships were voted on by Citizens. The Prowler was one of the very last player-voted ships. It’s made by Esperia, the manufacturer of the human version of the Glaive.
    - Q: Plans on bringing in other TNGS ships? A: Desire, yes. Plans, no.
    - Q: Power pipes soon in AC? A: Not sure when. It’s something they’re working on getting worked out more. Power, heat, distortion, data pipes need to be up and running as part of the physically based damage changes. Hopefully in the near future. But that’ll be one of the first steps to EWAR.
    - Caterpillar is getting some much-needed love right now. Cool stuff for that hopefully soon.
    - Q: How will REC work in AC 2.0? A: Watch 10 ftC on Monday. There’s a question about AC 2.0. Short answer is there’s going to be a difference between multicrew test universe and AC 2.0.
    - Q: Why isn’t 10ftC ever live on Twitch? A: Because Chris is very busy. They film it around his schedule. Lots of evenings and weekends about catching Chris. Also, it’s an edited show.
    - Q: News about CCU system and manual melting? A: Nothing new. CCU system is fastracked. Front end works, back-end is being worked on. Almost there. Manual Unmelting is an idea right now.
    - Q: How do you get from ArcCorp to Nyx in social? A: There won’t be Nyx before MultiCrew. And it’ll be some sort of ‘magic thing’ till you’re there. Assume it’s a Wonka-Vator for a while.
    - The idea behind stations is not all of them are full-time stations. you need someone flying all the times, but lots of stations there doesn’t have to be someone there 100% of the time. Vanguard is a good example. There’re things you can do inside of the pod for each ship, but all three models are a 2 person ship. The guy in the Turret will do double duty doing other things, being in the turret and in the pod, to maximize the functionality to the ship. It makes it more interesting too that you can’t do everything from everywhere, makes us have choices to have to make.
    - Ships will still be made hangar ready. Most will go to hangar ready before flight ready. Exceptions might be for certain events as surprises, or if stuff’s just ready all at once. But for the majority of ships, they’ll be hangar ready first.
    - Getting something to Hangar ready is exponentially more work than taking it to flight ready. That’s why sometimes they go straight to flyable. Like the Merlin. Amount of work to get that hangar ready was a half-day longer than it took to get it flight ready.
    - MultiCrew ships will probably go to hangar, then flight.
    - Week in Review – there was a kickoff meeting for the Archimedes. Gurmukh is going to work on the Archimedes now that he just finished the Vanguard. He’s actually helping with some layouts for the new office space though, but after that, Archimedes.
    - Q: Idris still landeable? A: We’ll wait to see it before we say. They’ll answer it eventually.
    - No news on the Carrack.
    - Reliant size change? No. It hasn’t changed, just some work on dimensions to make sure transitions and stuff work. Same size, slightly different dimensions.
    - Q: 890 jmp designed to land in water? A: Not designed to, no.
    - Q: Xi’An Scout? A: Chris and Josh are still working on the Constellation, so art for that will start before the end of the month probably.
    - Q: Starfarer? A: UK is working on it actively, Lisa’ll try to get more info on it soon.
    - Lisa has some plans. Wants to do something on the Caterpillar in the next few weeks, similar to the Starfarer episode from a while back.
    - Q: Will people be able to spoof radar signatures to look like a different ship? A: They’re exploring it. Actual gameplay of it would have to be sorted, but it’s on the list of things they want to look at especially for Comms and Scanner aspects of EWAR.
    - Q: Vanguard interior cellbays? A: That’s where lots of core components will go. There’s a walkable core space of the ship, where powerplants and shield generators are. They all have a place. None of the empty space is actually empty. Things will be placed in the compartments.
    - Q: HOTAS updates? A: None right now, but there will be one soon. It’s a long process that’s at the very beginning.
    - Q: Do passengers count towards max crew limit? A: Max Crew was used in very early pitch documents, and people still gravitate to it. Ignore that number for now. Right now, it’s looking like when those are cleaned up, it’ll be max ‘interactive stations’. Number of people that can survive on the ship will be determined by life support. No cramming 50 people onto a connie without suffocating.
    - Q: Info on 300 series? A: No-one slated to work on it full-time right now, but they want to do some cleanup on it. No major rework, but there’s some things to be prioritized on it in a few weeks.
    - Lisa might also cover more Tali module concepts soon.
    - Q: Info on the political survey that’s on the site? A: Entirely lore. Bringing people into the SC world. It does have a purpose, but Disco doesn’t know what it is.
    - Q: Updates on capital ships? A: Lisa wants to eventually cover what makes a cap ship a cap ship, but nothing now.
    - Q: More ship commercials? A: In the future yes, but nothing for a while. Not till SQ42 cinematics are done.
    - Q: Herald variants? A: No info. Still working on the Herald itself. Original before variants. Same with modules. No idea what modules ships can get till the base ship is done.


    This Week in SUN...

    There is really only one bit of news, and it's a week old, so if you haven't already read it... shame shame. Because of the timing between when that was posted and when I do SUNSPOT, the posts for all of those are going to be pretty much a week off. So stay tuned because according to the schedule the next one is coming up tomorrow.

    Keep cool and game on,
    - Jasticus

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