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SUNSPOT #48: August 1st to 8th

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jasticus, Aug 9, 2015.

By Jasticus on Aug 9, 2015 at 4:23 PM
  1. Jasticus

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    Don't know if the Servicemen tag will work, but I used it anyway. *fingers crossed*

    There is so much that happened this last week that it boggles the mind. As a bit of a tradeoff, there was no ATV and RTV though, so no itemized lists of things they are working on because of that.

    First bit of news is that 1.1.6 went live to the servers, and what everyone would have been playing since right before the gamescom presentation.

    There are now SC branded track jackets available for pre-order if you are interested in one.

    The Monthly Report for July has been posted, with tons and tons of info about what they did during that month. These reports seem to be getting longer and longer, which I personally classify as 'a good thing'.

    There 'were' 1000 Glaive's that are reproductions (by Esperia), not original ones like the Scythe, which were made available to those who have completed all the waves of Vanduul Swarm in the latest patch. They sell for a cool $350 USD, or you can rent one for roughly 35,000 REC (I believe I saw, not 100% on that number). As I have not bothered playing ArCom yet since the patch, I do not have the token, so I don't know how many are still left, if any.

    The Retaliator is now being sold on the cheap(er) as a base model with no interior modules loaded in. The new base Retaliator comes with LTI, as it is empty, or the current modules other than the torpedo bay also come with their own individual LTI if you alreasdy own an earlier Retaliator.


    Images and Stuff

    I'm pretty sure everyone has seen this stuff by now, but if you haven't for some reason... here you go.

    Press Version Multicrew Demo:

    Press Version Social Demo:

    Here's a link to the 'live' version of the above.

    The full 2 hour 'live' presentation:

    Idris Flyby

    Constellation copilot UI:

    A side-shot of the Idris:

    Early look at the Retaliator's engineering station:


    10FTC, August 2nd

    As always, thanks INN for the transcript so I can more quickly do the summaries.

    How have you been dealing with getting back into game programming after a break that lasted a decade? Have there been a lot of hurdles going from the DirectX 8 era where games had rudimentary physics at best, straight into development of a high end multiplayer game from the DirectX 11/12 era?

    His answer can basically be summed up to: "It's been fun."

    How is the NPC population expected to function within the PU? Will all the NPC’s (90% of PU population) exist within the universe constantly with their movements and actions tracked in a limited fashion? Will they be randomly generated as players enter instances/zones? How will this calculate into the economy and mission system?

    Right now there are going to be about 20 million planned AI agents in the game. One server alone will be handling how they operate, what they do, etc.. Most of the time whenever they have their own encounters it will be in a rock/paper/scissors manner done with numbers that we will never see. They don't have to generate avatars for a large portion of NPC's if there are no players around to see them. However when you do encounter one, they will likely have already been through their own barrage of experiences.

    Now the the SQ42 shoot is “in the can”, how will our characters communicate during the campaign? Will we have a selection of voices we can choose from? Will we only speak through text? Or, will we just be the silent protagonist, as the original Saints Row and the early Grand Theft Auto games?

    What have you liked and not liked so far in regards to community generated content? What would you will like to see (or see more of) the the general community creating for Star Citizen?

    Chris says he hasn't really seen anything so far that he hasn't liked to some degree. Obviously some things have wowed him more than others.

    How will the multi-crew system handle ship inertia? Will the local physics grid add forces to the procedural animation depending on the character’s position in the ship, acceleration vectors, centrifugal force, etc?

    It's something they are looking at longer-term, but the current version of the local physics grids does not have that ability. It will be another large time investment to get that working.

    Will Squadron 42 have any difficulty settings for people like me who quite frankly suck at dogfighting, but still want to check out the story.

    There won't be any 'super easy' mode, nothing like you die in a mission and can just restart from the last nav point. You'll have to restart from the beginning. But the 'easy' mode of the game should be suitably easy enough so that those who are playing for the story or who have no big interest in dogfighting and play to do other things in the PU can still find enjoyment.

    Will there be floating debris fields of scrap metal for salvagers – akin to asteroid fields, will salvage opportunities only be spun up after particular battles, or both? Will there be a salvage deep dive document in the future?

    Yes, there will be some salvage fields that are seeded similarly to asteroid fields. As far as a deep dive goes, Chris says he'll have to ask Tony - and as we know, Tony doesn't do anything but deep dives.

    Hello Chris, CIG has said in the past that ships will require maintenance due to deterioration. Does that mean that the ships in my hangar will degrade due to time even if they are not being flown, or does this only happen if they are actively being used? Also, does this phenomenon apply to handheld weapons, clothes, space helmets, shipping containers, decorative hangar objects, etc?

    If you don't use it, then you don't have to worry about deterioration. As the time goes on with ships kept in operational status, they have ways of showing that things become 'well used'. This applies for ships, weapons, clothing, armor, and probably more.

    Now that CryEngine 3.8.1 is out and finally supports Linux and OpenGL, will we be lucky enough to see a Linux client in the not too distant future?

    Dependent on timing, yes, but there will likely be a Linux version before there is an OpenGL version since they already compile in Linux. OpenGL and DirectX12 are both on the table, but don't expect anything terribly soon.


    This Week in SUN...

    As a reminder, there were no ATV and RTV this week, and according to CR there probably won't be a 10FTC for next week.

    Some transferrs happened, seems a bit silly for me to list them all when I can just do this and this. And this. Congrats and good luck to all.

    The serviceman tag has been a bit wonky as of late, so here are some other things you should check out if you haven't already.

    There are waaaaaay too many images out there to put in this posting, but you should see where the large chunk of them come from by watching the above videos. There were a few other interesting ones I saw, but I was distracted and didn't save the URLs. :( Sorry about that. If I come across them again I will post.

    Keep cool and game on,
    - Jasticus

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jasticus, Aug 9, 2015.