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SUNSPOT #44: July 4th to 11th

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jasticus, Jul 12, 2015.

By Jasticus on Jul 12, 2015 at 7:16 PM
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    It is that time again for another glorious summary of everything that has happened over the last week. There has been a bit more info this week than compared to past weeks (just a bit). Outlooks are a little bit brighter, regardless, considering 1.1.4 has hit and 1.1.5 is being talked about as being on the horizon, which is better news than complete silence about the next patch.

    All that 1.1.4 had was some hangar flair that was owed to people, but 1.1.5 (which could go on PTU as soon as Mon/Tues) is going to be the first in a couple months that actually has some decent content. As to what exactly that content is... we don't know just yet, but everyone is waiting.

    Some of the better news is that they will be testing their new launcher 2.0 with the next PTU update, which I personally am a bit sketchy about the details, but I -think- this is the beggining of them beginning to use the torrent system for downloading, as well as being able to separate their file system to only update the files that need it. According to the Star Marine update, it updates and patches about three times faster than the current one.

    The 1.1.5 PTU update will be 25GB in size (potentially including a new file system?) and right now some of the contents are semi-confirmed in RTV to include a flyable Scythe and Merlin.

    Other news, point by point:

    - The 300 series is free to fly this week, in case you don't own one and are interested in trying one. Though at t his point I think most of us have been around long enough to have flown one.

    - A status update for the week was posted for Star Marine, and where it currently stands. A lot of the blockers don't -seem- that big, although I'm just an armchair developer, so I can't really say for sure.

    - July subscriber flair has arrived, if that's your sort of thing.



    The Herald's engines are modeled afer booster rockets:

    FPS Keybinds (currently in as of 1.1.4):

    Sataball helmet:

    Cooling unit component:

    Another component:

    And another (shields):


    10 For the Writers, July 6th

    For the full transcript (there are a lot of words, as always) check here at INN.

    With the name similarity to Wikipedia, how much user generated content will be allowed and how much will be curated? Is there special art stuff planned, like the famous photos bits with the Xi’An scout or Retaliator photos?
    Cherie (CIG's Archivist) wants it to be as close to Wikipedia as possible. Only events 'of note' should be recorded, though, and exactly what that entails will likely be definited as they get closer to PU launch. She also wants to accept some user submitted art, but hopes that they will have a lot of art made from within CIG as well.

    When writing and scripting dialogues, how do you deal with the possibility that, in 2945, Humans might be using a bit different language? Even in english, some words, phrases, will be gone, while new words and terms, vocabulary, even grammar might appear.
    All they can try to do is make it distinct, yet familiar. Not like trying to read the Canterbury Tales today. Some movies like Clockwork Orange and Blade Runner, which have familiar yet distinctly different manners of speaking, are inspirations.

    How do you deal with published textual inaccuracies? Dates that don’t match up or something that’s just impossible given other lore…is there a certain priority of what is more important to keep in the canon?
    There will be things that slip through that they have to address, this is known. It's getting harder as every day more lore is added, but the priority right now is making it so that things flow together in the game - so gameplay lore trumps everything else.

    I have heard that the overall story arc of the UEE in the PU will be inspired by the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Will the PU progress to a state closer to the 3rd Century AD, a time of unrest and civil war but ultimately resulted in stability for several decades, or the early to mid-5th Century AD when the Western Roman Empire was basically beyond saving?
    The game has elements of Roman history, but it will not be the same because then everyone would automatically know the outcome. Yes, it follows a similar theme, but that's about it. Once we get to a certain point, a lot of how events will pan out will depend upon the actions the players themselves take, as opposed to a pre-defined narrative.

    Have you already determined what will be required for a player to be entered into the Galactipedia? For example, will the discovery of a new jump point, planet, or animal species get someone in? What about when a player kills or captures an infamous pirate? How famous would that pirate have to be?
    This was already sort-of answered before, but the exact 'what' it will need to be considered for an entry is still a bit up in the air. Some things are obvious, like planet and jump point discoveries, but exactly how 'famous' a pirate has to be is still something that will be worked out over time.

    Does the UEE have a system or area where it does it’s military testing? If so, is it something that is along the lines of ‘Area 51’ where it is an open secret/restricted area or is it something that is completely unknown to the general public? And is there a name for this place that you can share other than REDACTED?
    There is already one in game, Vili, a moon of Odin II, that is a testing area for Behring. You can try to visit, but they may or may not let you land. There are others, too, but they obviously cannot be talked about.

    Hello, how will the Galactipedia and Galaxy map be updated as player(and presumably NPC) discoveries of new systems, planets, and other items of interest are made public?
    Cherie specifically is trying to push for implementation of a way for the game to make separate records, for the person who first discovered something, and the person who first reported something. Because say you find a system first and you want to exploit it for a bit before actually reporting it, but then someone else finds it too and reports it for public consumption. Sure, that second person should get naming rights/the record of actually reporting it, but the person who actually made it there first and kept it a secret should have a little slice of that fame too.

    It wouldn't make sense to find a jump point that offers a faster trading route between two systems, and then sharing it with everybody. The longer it is secret, the better for you. But at the same time, if someone else finds it too and reports it, because they are an explorer but not a trader, or they don't belong to an organization, it should say that you actually found it first.

    Hi Writers, with the introduction of medical ships(Hope-class Hospital and Cutlass Red), has CIG ever considered creating lore for the principle of noninterference with medical services in times of war, similar to the Medical Neutrality Protection Act of the Geneva Conventions?
    Yes, and it could be implemented on an NPC-level... but the Vanduul obviously won't follow that, as the UEE has no relations with them other than war. The Xi'an and Banu, sure. Plus, there is no controlling what the actual players themselves do.

    Can you make a guess-ti-mate as to how large you see the Galactipedia being by the time we finally launch? We know it will be large, but just how huge do you see it becoming?
    The intent is for it to be friggin' ginormous. But there is no way to accurately describe the size of something on the internet until all that text and those images offer a number of bytes that they take up.

    Hi guys, how is the writing of the Star Citizen lore constrained by the known game mechanics?
    Its not as constrained as you might think... yet. All they can do is pitch an idea and be turned down if it won't work, but right now there is roughly three years (our years) worth of lore that has been constructed, so it's pretty easy to get an idea of what will and won't work.


    ATV, July 9th

    Santa Monica
    - Working on the Merlin and the Scythe. Final stages of art and implementation for both ships.

    - The energy sniper rifle is getting a ‘charged shot’ added. If you’re scoped in, the longer you hold the fire button down, the more energy it will release. Risk vs reward thing.
    - Added a practice mode for FPS, similar to the free-fly mode for AC. You can jump in, no penalties or effect on the leaderboard, jump in alone or with friends or in a matchmaking match.
    - Investigating different ways to communicate damage to players so you know which direction the damage is coming from. Traditionally in many FPS games, damage indicators will show up on the screen. In SC, you may not always be wearing a helmet, so that type of indicator doesn’t make much sense.

    - Working on testing the Generic Instance Manager, or GIM. We’ll see the underlying structure of that in the next release.
    - Asteroid field tool is under work. That and the mining gameplay will be used to create asteroid fields quickly and efficiently.
    - Working on the layout document and tossing around ideas for the next landing zone in the Stanton system. One’s a Cloud City (Crusader), one’s a refinery world with mines and such (Hearston), and one’s a cold, snowy climate (Microtech).

    - People specifically working on nothing but props. The environment team and the ship teams are making everything that gets flown in space, the props team does all the little objects that get put into the game that’ll help sell the story and make things feel more alive. They are currently working on getting the quality of their work up to the quality of the other teams.
    - Lots of work making sure that the props feel right in the world, making sure they meet up the quality of the things the environment team are doing. Been working on it for 6 weeks or so, new team that’s been put together, should have something to show soon.

    From Ship Shape:
    Summary - There is a discussion going on in the company (and it seems as though some of it was approved, maybe even all), about an overhaul of sorts for the components and how exactly they will fit into ships. Before there was just sizes that fit in ships, upwards of 12. They have reduced the number to 4, but will sometimes allow a ship to fit more than one component of a certain size, so that components with different capabilities can be mixed and matched.

    - Components are the meat and potatoes of the game. Ships are exciting and look cool, but ultimately the game is about components, and the ship’s just what you put the components on. Components are things like power plants, shield generators, weapons, and more. Every component affects a ship in a different way.
    - There are 9 different types of components right now, but that’s still in flux. Coolers, power plants, shield generators, ballasts, radars, ammo boxes, and other things.
    - They’re trying to establish a base component type, so that when you look at a component, you can immediately identify what it is. Three being worked on right now are power plant, shield generator, and cooler.
    -There used to be 12 different sizes. 12 sizes x 9 types x however many manufacturers, there used to be a massive amount of components that had to be created. They decided a better option was to still create a huge number of components, but bring the categories down to 4, instead of 12. Four sizes.
    - Small, Medium, Heavy, and Capital.
    - Hornet would have a Small size component. Constellation would start using Medium. Starfarer might be Heavy. An Idris would be Capital class.
    - Ships now end up using more smaller-size components. Hornet would have multiple Small power plants, whereas before it would have had a single Size 3.
    - It's great for gameplay: not only do they have a large list of components that players have more access to, but it also means the ships have more customization possibilities. For example, you can have different powerplants on the same ship. More granular control over performance.

    Reverse the Verse

    - Can’t comment yet on the redesign of the 300 Series. Probably won’t change the shape much… adapting internals and stats. Adding damage states, UVs, and decay states as well as a materials pass. One of the earliest ship. In dire need of a review.
    - The Crucible is undergoing concept design. Being built by Ryan Church who did the Bengal, Aurora, and Constellation among others. The Crucible probably not the next ship you see but not TOO far away.
    - Q: Is the Herald faster than the M50? A: Unsure… it’s being set up right now.
    - Q: Merlin as a racing ship? A: Absolutely. Should be very effective.
    - 1.1.5 HOPING for PTU next week.
    - Update to the ships pipeline coming soon.
    - Xi’An scout coming “Sooner”. Foundry 42 needs it.
    - The Archimedes will be one of the next things to tackle (since it comes from the Merlin) - need to make sure it is distinct from the Merlin and not just a different colour.
    - HOTAS announcement at GamesCom possibly – Sandi is pushing for a prototype.
    - Working on hair tech currently… lots of baldness.
    - Q: RSI-branded trackball? A: Maybe… we’ll see what Chris presents at GamesCom.
    - Q: Will SQ42 have finalized controls/flight model/etc? A: Significantly final… but final for SQ42. Controller balance in the sense people usually think of it doesn’t matter when there’s not another player. Likely not final controller model for PU, will probably change after SQ42 to some extent. Will be final enough to allow people with mouse/joystick/HOTAS/etc to play SQ42 campaign.
    - Backend issues and netcode will not affect SQ42.
    - Star Marine is important to SQ42.
    - Merlin will be sold separately. Anyone who has a Constellation Andromeda, Aquila, and Phoenix will get a Merlin. Andromeda and Aquila get permanent Merlin, Phoenix will get loaner Merlin until Archimedes is done.
    - 890 JUMP, Carrack owners, and Idris will also get loaner Merlins because they all have associated small ships that come with them.
    - Merlin will be the cheapest ship.
    - Want Archimedes to be more distinct from the Merlin than the Glaive is from the Scythe.
    - Merlin will NOT have quantum drive or a jump drive.
    - No LTI for the Merlin separately.
    - Working on finishing off the interiors on the Vanguard, hours away then moving onto the variants.
    - Next hangar ready ships are Scythe and Merlin in 1.1.5.
    - CCU system is very close, take ship on the left and there’s a pull down on the right, factors out the money, click go. Lots of testing involved in making sure it works properly, because it has to work properly. Every ship to every ship as long as it’s a step up, you can’t CCU backwards.
    - Concept sale for Corvette probably not this fall. Concept hasn’t been started.
    - Q: Is the Merlin’s centerline gatling gun fixed? A: All weapons on the Merlin are fixed. Two size 1 guns, one on each wing. Gatling gun is custom size 2 and probably won’t be changeable. Same for Archimedes.
    - Q: Why is the Starfarer so complex? A: Not particularly more complex, likely going to be one of the first non-combat ships. One of the first large ships you’ll see.
    - Redesigned Constellation will be ready for AC 2.0
    - Q: Will the mining spider bot ever be sold (for real cash)? A: Probably not, but it will be available in the game.
    - Star Citizen still Alpha, Beta is a long ways away. AC 2.0 will also be alpha. Beta is when controller balance will be focused on more.
    - Terrapin not expected to go on sale or be made at all.
    - Sold a crazy amount of Starliners: 1842.
    - Q: Will people that are getting the loaner Merlins get them in the hangar? A: No. Just in AC. Will not show up in your hangar, it’s a technical issue, we want them to show up, but that will not be in this patch
    - Vanguard is not in Squadron 42, chapter 1. Not a SQ42 ship like the Lightning, Hornet, Scythe.
    - Merlin will absolutely be raceable. Requested footage of the Merlin racing from QA. Head-to-Head against the M50 it is very competitive.
    - Endeavor looks “cool”, clearly a research ship. Endeavor is very much like a classic Sci-Fi ship.
    - Possibly a Grey Cat racing minigame in the future.
    - The big component changes are not in 1.1.5.
    - Component changes are a giant sweeping set of updates to pretty much everything they have setup
    - Q: Why isn’t the Grey Cat a hover car? A: Because we didn’t make it that way…
    - No change to HOTAS lead/lag pips in 1.1.5.
    - Calix is working on tons of balance/control stuff.
    - Hazy thought for old times sake: If one synchronized swimmer dies, do they all have to die?
    - Q: Are ships going to decay to the point where they will have to be replaced? A: Will decay but probably not to that point. Don’t want to have your $400 melt away.
    - Q: Will the lower turret on the Connie be altered to allow a downward view? A: Yes, the seat’s going to be a little swinging thing giving you a view directly below you.
    - Q: What loaner ships will be given for AC 2.0? A: Ongoing thing. The Retaliator is the most certain to be ready for launch.
    - Q: Will the Starfarer fit into one of the current hangars? A: No, going to have to change a couple things for it to fit.
    - Crytek dropped their version of CryEngine with VR support, no specific news on SC VR, still are dedicated to it. Examining new version of CryEngine currently.
    - Q: What ships will be on sale at GamesCom? A: Finalizing the list. Not new ships. You don’t have to go to GamesCom to get a limited ship.
    - Reclaimer will be ready for when Salvage is in Arena Commander. Further down the line.
    - The small ship on the Carrack is just known as the “scout” currently.
    - Q: Will any social features drop in FPS? A: No, except for the ability to shoot your friend in the face.
    - Q: Any update on rooms system? A: Wouldn’t even think of it in those terms anymore, just part of the game now.
    - Dragonfly is so far away from being a real tangible thing. It’s been thought of, and is in the very very beginning stages of creation, is a long time out. Needs new game design for it to work.
    - A new map will be in AC with AC 2.0. (large world map) Tremendous progress with Large World! Should see this soon, it’s going very well.
    - Chris Smith and Mark Skelton working on Constellations. Watch ATV for more info on Constellations.
    - Q: Can we have our ships rented with REC appear in our hangar? A: No, it’s a technical blocker, doesn’t make sense either, because the Hangar is the “real life”, and AC is just a game
    - Q: With the new CCU system will you be able to upgrade to ships not available yet? A: No, you’ll only be able to CCU to ships currently on sale.
    - TNGS 2 – hopefully next year.
    - Will be much better this time with the ship pipeline ready.
    - Proximity audio? Not likely for first drop but cannot comment right now since that’s a PU question.


    This Week in SUN...

    No news is good news, but judging from the leave thread a lot of people are on vacation right now anyway.

    That's all for this week, folks. See you next week.

    Keep cool and game on,
    - Jasticus

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