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Star Citizen Alpha 2.5 Is Going Live!

Discussion in 'Star Citizen' started by Pulveris, Aug 25, 2016.

By Pulveris on Aug 25, 2016 at 4:26 PM
  1. Pulveris

    Pulveris Pilot Officer (OF-1)

    Get ready to download, the devs just announced that 2.5 will be going is live today!
    2.5 is a patch that’s concentrating once again on the expansion of new playable content including:
    • A new base for the nefarious denizens of the verse called GrimHEX which is located in the Yela asteroid field. This base will function as a spawn point for players that enter Crusader with outlaw wanted level.
    • With this comes a new line of clothing options which cater to the rougher/punk crowd.
    • New flyable ships which are the Reliant KORE (the mini hauler variant of the Reliant), and two Argo variants (cargo and passenger) which are now on concept sale.
    • Player Health System 2.0 which includes the status of individual limb damage and some basic versions of injury penalties.
    • A new landing system that is meant to be the basis for further landing system development. Right now there are three modes: manual, semi-automatic (assistance towards the end of the landing) and fully automatic.
    • Item system 2.0 is making its first appearance to us, though the functionality is currently limited. The patch notes compare it with the already seen ship component up dates, which means that while it may technically be in the game we as players will not be able to put this system to work until further progress has been made.
    Hope to see you all there!

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    Here is the Announcement
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Discussion in 'Star Citizen' started by Pulveris, Aug 25, 2016.

    1. Light Cavalry
      Light Cavalry
      The freezing issue has never occurred for me either in the PTU or 2.4 (live), even when it first released.
    2. Maki
      Grim hex got room for a starfarer!

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    3. Camulos
      @Ternk @Aeuralis @Baelius

      Ugh. I can say for 100% sure that the 2.5 patch in the released player universe has the damned reported issues of freezing and crashing. Baelius, Ternk, Aeuralis, and I were all in the same session together for about 30-40 minutes on Friday or Saturday night. Baelius, Ternk, and I all had the Star Citizen client freeze on us 4 or 5 times within that short duration and we would have to restart the game (ctrl + alt + delete and close the game manually and then re-launch it). It mainly happened while Baelius was "Fixing" an "Error in his status"at a specific base station hacking the security terminal to lower his criminal record at Kareah. The damned game kept freezing up on us and crashing us randomly and when it seemed he was about to be done with lowering his criminal record. In the end Baelius got frustrated and he had a red head woman demanding his time ****, so he had to run and take care of her take her on a date that ended at one of their houses....

      On a side note, I may be getting suspended because I care not for personal space when it's funny as shit and see absolutely no reason why one of our fine members who happens to serve in the U.S. Military can't enjoy being used / wanted by the opposite sex ;P you lot refuse to read through the damned lines!

      Baelius gripping about being so in shape that he's constantly being hit on has helped cement my wish to get back into shape, as such I can't wait to build my new house to build my exercise room. His comments about going for a 6 mile run then lifting at the gym and trying to stay the hell away from the refrigerator because he'll eat everything in sight and having only milk in his refrigerator are funny to me (though they 100% make sense). Baelius in my opinion should be happy to be pursued as he is by the woman that want him.
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    4. Light Cavalry
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    5. Blitz05
      Someone sounds drunk lol

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    6. Camulos
      There guys I cleaned it up. Jesus, next time I'll triple check my work before I hit submit on the forums while @ work...
    7. Wiskeyweasel
      I think it was better before the edit.
    8. Camulos
    9. Ternk
      Yea, I wish the game was more stable. I remember wanting to help out, but the game not letting me in. It seemed more stable last night, although Aeuralis and I both had our personal weapons bug out and refuse to fire at Kareah. Entering our fighters and exiting them reset our pistols/submachine guns and allowed them to function correctly.
    10. Maki
      alot of wierd bugs going on at the moment. i just hope this wont damage any newcomers views etc. kinda bad timing from a recruitment of new backers perspective after gamescon