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Star Citizen Alpha 2.5 Is Going Live!

Discussion in 'Star Citizen' started by Pulveris, Aug 25, 2016.

By Pulveris on Aug 25, 2016 at 4:26 PM
  1. Pulveris

    Pulveris Pilot Officer (OF-1)

    Get ready to download, the devs just announced that 2.5 will be going is live today!
    2.5 is a patch that’s concentrating once again on the expansion of new playable content including:
    • A new base for the nefarious denizens of the verse called GrimHEX which is located in the Yela asteroid field. This base will function as a spawn point for players that enter Crusader with outlaw wanted level.
    • With this comes a new line of clothing options which cater to the rougher/punk crowd.
    • New flyable ships which are the Reliant KORE (the mini hauler variant of the Reliant), and two Argo variants (cargo and passenger) which are now on concept sale.
    • Player Health System 2.0 which includes the status of individual limb damage and some basic versions of injury penalties.
    • A new landing system that is meant to be the basis for further landing system development. Right now there are three modes: manual, semi-automatic (assistance towards the end of the landing) and fully automatic.
    • Item system 2.0 is making its first appearance to us, though the functionality is currently limited. The patch notes compare it with the already seen ship component up dates, which means that while it may technically be in the game we as players will not be able to put this system to work until further progress has been made.
    Hope to see you all there!

    Promoted to Feature for the front page -LC

    Here is the Announcement
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Discussion in 'Star Citizen' started by Pulveris, Aug 25, 2016.

    1. Light Cavalry
      Light Cavalry
      Nice writeup! I'm putting it on the front page for everyone.
    2. Light Cavalry
      Light Cavalry
      Full Patch Notes Below

      Patch Notes (open)

      New Features

      Star Systems:

      Crusader Industries would like to alert all pilots to avoid Yela and surrounding asteroid field. Pirates have become increasingly aggressive, and there have been reports returning to us over the past several months of their attempts to lure pilots off course with fake requests for assistance. Crusader Industries believes they are based out of the decommissioned Green Imperial station, however attempts to locate the station have been difficult of late. Please report any suspicious activity, and consider any unidentified craft leaving the asteroid field extremely dangerous.
      The people of GrimHEX asteroid station would like to cordially invite the Crusader Industries to QT into the nearest star. There aren’t any pirates operating out of our base and we’re open for business to everyone this economy left in the dust from here to Terra. You’re very welcome to visit and enjoy our fine goods, services and lodgings. Many shops of our shops and services are temporarily closed while we make some repairs from the last group of over-eager “heroes” that came through, but we welcome all comers!
      GrimHEX is our new Outlaw base location that can be located by navigating through the Yela asteroid field or via dying/spawning while an Outlaw.This abandoned Housing Exchange is located in the Yela asteroid field and has been increasingly popular among the criminal element.
      Currently featuring a weapons/armor store and clothing store, they’re stocked with items you can’t find at Port Olisar.
      GrimHEX will continue to expand with future patches to eventually include a bar, criminal missions and outlaw racing area.
      Port Olisar, CrusaderThe LiveWire Weapons franchise in Port Olisar is not selling energy weapons and only ballistic weapons can be purchased at this location for the time being.
      Outlaw armor sets are available on GrimHEX exclusively, and can no longer be purchased at Garrity Defense.

      Game Systems:

      Skutters is a small weapon and armor shop on GrimHEX, that just so happens to be specializing in energy weapons for the discerning shopper… who does not ask where they were obtained from.
      KC Trending is a new location on GrimHEX station that offers a whole new selection of clothing for the discreet independent pilot. From shoes to hats, they’ve got the latest in underground fashion.

      New Landing System!
      The first phase of our new landing system has been implemented to provide a simpler, more intuitive landing experience.This system will grow over the coming releases to ultimately incorporate things like docking and the ability to request/obtain landing authorization via the new Comms System.
      Players are now able to enter Landing Mode by simply lowering their landing gear (done by tapping the “N” key on the keyboard).
      Landing Mode reduces the speed of the ship down to Precision Mode speed and changes the AR display from regular AR to landing AR.This flags landing pads as either Valid, Invalid orRecommended.
      By default, Valid pads are unobstructed and the correct size for the ship, whereas Invalidpads are either obstructed or the wrong size.
      There will only ever be one Recommended pad flagged at any one time, and it’ll normally be the closest Valid pad to the player.
      Once over a pad, the player can either land their ship manually or automatically (holding down the “N” key).This is provided that the Landings Zone offers Automatic Landing service.
      A few seconds after touch down, Landing Mode will be disabled and the AR display will return to normal.
      A few seconds after taking off, Landing Mode will re-enable for as long as the landing gear is down.Putting the landing gear away will disable Landing Mode.

      Item System 2.0
      We have begun converting player and ship items to our new item system. As with the prior, similar updates to ship components, this is largely at the back-end level. Implementing new component class systems, naming conventions and other needed functionality, as well as retrofitting all existing armors and weapons to be compatible. These changes will allow us to implement greater modularity to first-person items. Additionally, this will allow items to interact with one another in a more direct and less “handwavium” simulation, setting the foundation for greater player interaction and future game play mechanics.

      This should not affect the function of any in-game items, and changes to player item stats should be minimal.

      Player Health System 2.0
      We have implemented the first phase of our new player health system!
      This includes the implementation of better individual limb damage and health, more granular damage states.This also lays the groundwork for future features like injury penalties that impact your gameplay experience based upon the damage grade of your body parts.
      Player health dolls should now show Normal (Green) health when it reaches 100%-61%, a Hurt (Yellow) state from 60%-41% health, a Damaged (Red) state from 40%-10%, and the Ruined (Dark Red) state at 10%-0%.Taking a certain level of critical damage limb damage can also cause player death.

      Wanted Level System Update
      Players with outlaw wanted level who enter Crusader will spawn in GrimHEX.
      This also applies to outlaw players who die and respawn in Crusader.
      Players with outlaw wanted levels will no longer have Port Olisar as a QT option, and instead will see GrimHEX.


      The Reliant KORE, Argo MPUV (Cargo Variant), and Argo MPUV (Passenger Variant) are all now flight ready!Reliant KORE is available in both Arena Commander and Crusader.
      The Argo MPUV is only available in Crusader at this time, as it does not have weapons to defend itself in the Arena Commander simulation.
      A new size 5 laser cannon, the M7A, has been introduced!This is the now part of the Starfarer Gemini’s main turret loadout, as originally intended.

      User Interface:

      New Keybindings
      Added a keybind mapping for X52 Pro HOTAS.

      Keybinding Changes
      Keyboard and Gamepad
      Exit Seat is no longer behind Modifier 1 on any device.It is now “Hold F” on keyboard and “Hold Y” on gamepad.
      This has been given a longer hold time than most – at 1 second you will have to really want to exit your seat.
      LandingLanding System toggle and pad selection is no longer there – removed for a manual landing gear deploy retract and autoland.
      Deploy landing gear with “N” for keyboard / “B” for gamepad.
      Hold these keys while in a landing zone to autoland.

      Keyboard Only

      Mapped new actions for Cooler Rate Increase / Decrease ThrottleKeyboard binding is “Left Alt + numpad 7/8”
      Power Plant throttle moved to be next to the Cooler throttleKeyboard binding is “Left Alt + numpad 4/5”(Double tap for max and min)
      Removed the Throttle Max and Throttle Min from the double tap “S” and “W” for the default key mapping.This was done to prevent accidental collisions, however it can still be mapped by the player as they wish.
      There is also still the Max / Min toggle on “Backspace” if required.

      Updates and Fixes

      Star Systems:

      Fixed an issue where shadows around Port Olisar would flicker at certain angles and perspectives.
      Updated and simplified the Quantum Travel marker names for better readability.
      Made some minor visual effects updates to the interior of Port Olisar.
      Made some balance changes to the pirate ships in Crusader so they use updated components.

      Area 18, ArcCorp
      Finished a massive lighting and visual effects update to Area 18, ArcCorp.
      Fixed an issue where a large green arrow could be seen in reflection of the Jobwell glass.
      Fixed an issue where the user camera could clip through the wall of the incinerator on Area 18.

      VFG Industrial Hangar
      Adjusted the lighting in the VFG hangar to be less dark.

      Game Systems:

      Arena Commander
      Fixed an issue where the decals would disappear off of the landing pads in Free Flight game mode.

      Fixed a bug that allowed player characters to slide uncontrollably across landing pads when transitioning out of EVA at speed.
      Fixed an issue where EVA animations would stutter when approaching a landing pad.

      Fixed an issue where inspecting weapons would cause the users outfit to switch into the standard flight suit regardless of what they were currently wearing.
      Fixed an issue where the weapon shops were not correctly recognizing the maximum number of equipped weapons, resulting in a number of problems, including causing some size 3 FPS weapons to disappear.

      Social Module
      Name-tags for players in Augmented Reality now appear at 25 meters.
      Fixed an issue where using the mobiGlas hotkey while in a turret would cause a chain reaction of problems.

      Fixed an issue where the CF-007 Bulldog Repeater, CF-117 Badger Repeater, and CF-227 Panther Repeater didn’t slow their rate of fire when running low on energy.
      Fixed issues where the missile smoke trail effects could not be seen unless the missile is very close to the viewer.

      Individual Ships
      Fixed an issue where the engine thruster exhaust effects was displaying circular blurs instead of proper visuals.
      Made a number of exit and enter animation improvements for the Avenger Warlock.
      Constellation Andromeda
      The missile racks for the Constellation Andromeda can no longer be edited by Port Mod.
      The side missile racks on the Constellation Andromeda should now target and fire properly.
      Cutlass Black
      Made a number of exit and entrance animation improvements for the Cutlass Black.
      The missile racks for the Cutlass Black can no longer be edited by Port Mod.
      Added strafing control animations for the Freelancer pilot.
      Updated the audio for the Freelancer cockpit doors so it is properly synced.
      Added boosting visual effects to the Freelancer’s thrusters.
      Toned down the brightness of the Freelancer maneuvering thruster.
      The missile and torpedo racks on the Gladiator can no longer be edited Port Mod.
      Fixed an issue where the shell casings on the Scorpion gun would fly in front of the pilot before disappearing.
      Made some improvements to the Hornet series audio, for all variants except the F7C-M.
      Fixed an issue with the F7C-M Hornet, where the ship would not transition into damage states correctly on being damaged.
      Fixed some of the control issues with the F7C-M Hornet Turret.
      The missile racks for the M50 can no longer be edited by Port Mod.
      Fixed an issue with the Mustang Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Omega wherein the ships had no explosion audio or visual when destroyed.
      Fixed an issue where the Mustang series could not be repaired if wings were damaged.
      Fixed an issue where users could not exit the Mustang Gamma if it was partially damaged and landed.
      Fixed an issue where there were no lights present in the back of the Mustang Beta.
      Fixed an issue where the exterior lights on the Mustang Alpha did not function.
      Fixed an issue where the locker onboard the Mustang Beta could not be interacted with.
      Fixed an issue where the armor plates on the Mustang Delta wings would continue to float alongside after the wings were destroyed.
      Reliant KORE
      Fixed an issue where excessive fog was leaking out of the Reliant in the Hangar.
      Fixed an issue with the AEGIS Sabre where the throttle floats in mid-air during entry animations.
      Made some alterations to the Sabre handling to make it more nimble, and have less jerkiness when rolling.
      Added strafing control animations for the Starfarer pilot.
      Fixed an issue where the forward port landing skid on the Starfarer was offset from housing.
      Vanguard Warden
      The missile racks on the Vanguard Warden can no longer be edited by Port Mod.

      First Person:
      First-person camera views have received significant attention to provide a much more stable and smooth viewing experience for players.
      There is now a UI sound that is triggered when an enemy is shot by the player.
      Updated the “Examine Pistol” animation for shopping.
      Made a number of improvements to character prone animations.
      Fixed an issue where the death animation would play twice when a character was shot.
      Fixed an issue where the burp emote contained no audio.
      Fixed an issue where the user would desync after aiming down the sights of the Arrowhead Sniper Rifle.
      Assault rifles will now properly re-center after the user sprints.

      User Interface:

      Fixed an issue where the Port Modification Hangar modes would still show the name of a ship after it had been removed.
      Fixed an issue with Hostility UI, where the orange wanted icon for Wanted Level 1 would not appear.
      Fixed an issue where the 3rd person Free Cam could not zoom in or out.
      Fixed an issue where changes to the Graphics Quality in the options menu did not actually change the quality of graphics.
      Fixed an issue where the camera could remain locked to the elevator menu transition, after backing out of the universe menu.

      Ship target HUD now dynamically changes colors based on the allegiance of the target.
      Fixed an issue where users in free cursor mode would still fire their primary Weapon Group when clicking.
      Fixed an issue where the aiming reticle on a Gamepad or a HOTAS would become very erratic when targeting enemies.
      Fixed an issue where the Retaliator HUD would not update correctly after the ship was repaired.

      Fixed a number of client crashes.
      Fixed a number of server crashes.
      Fixed a client disconnection (Code 1) that would sometimes occur when loading into Arena Commander.
      Added a new error (10002) for players who are disconnected due to duplicate login.This can be due to the account already being logged in on another computer or client.
      This can also happen after a crash or force-close of the game, when the prior connection has not timed out yet.

      Fixed an issue with Area 18, ArcCorp, where there were severe FPS drops when looking at the center of the level.
      Fixed an issue where switching between 1st and 3rd camera view would briefly drop the client frames per second down to 5.
    3. Light Cavalry
      Light Cavalry
      I can only hope this means 2.6 hits the PTU soon!
    4. Light Cavalry
    5. Vyla
      Permission to be a bad guy for a bit? I wanna go clothes and fancy gun shopping!
    6. Light Cavalry
      Light Cavalry
      Anyone can go to grim hex and shop. Outlaw or no.
    7. ilandprnce
      Sweeet! just got my SSD and HDD today... I'll be setting that badboy up asap
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    8. Camulos
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    9. Maki
      you just have to find the dam grim hex, wich can be a pain :p
    10. Tyrus
      Grim Hex is an adventure, all in itself.
    11. Light Cavalry
      Light Cavalry
      I love the bit where the cargo hold has a giant hole in it leading outside.

      I EVA'd out there back to the launch pad, where I was promptly gunned down as I was climbing back into my Gladius.
    12. ColdAsIce
      not sure about that patch for its the worst patch they brought out so far. I played it for 1 hour now and this is what i experienced. ( and yes i checked the forums all of this happends to alot of other people too not just me )

      Freezing and freezing everywhere. 1 sec 2 secs or even 5 secs just randomly but often. The FPS over all is a bit better then before but the freezing still kills it.

      The hud removel... I know its intended and i know its not "done" and its a helmet thing blabla i saw the posts about it but its ment to be on all combat ships like hornet etc.. so jeah my favourite ship the sabre doesnt have it and trying to use those tiny screens nah thanks.

      Mouse movment is strange. If you test it in a ship and move your mouse slowly you will notice it bouncing very strange and not following your input correctly its just odd if you havent seen it but there is allready a bug report for it...

      The resolution is strange i know this is not for everyone but for some people stuff is placed not at the edges of the screen like the chat etc ( i tried diffrent resolutions but it doesnt help apparently it has something to do with the monitor you use or dunno)

      Esp doesnt work and ships feel alot more sluggish (but im okay with that it just feels diffrent from before)

      Probably some more stuff that i forgot but deff not worth playing for me right now
    13. Vyla
      ouch. The freezing thing is something I've experienced since before crusader even dropped, it's so frustrating! Hope it gets fixed soon.

      The HUD removal is another one. i don't really like the in ship displays, i remember the vanguard being released and it was completely unreadable on that ship.

      Looking forward to borrowing someone's reliant though, I wanna see it switch between flight modes.
    14. Light Cavalry
      Light Cavalry
      Agree 100% about the freezing issue.

      Many people have it so I'd figure it's a high priority issue for them.

      Weird though, because I never encountered it in the ptu.
    15. Wiskeyweasel
      While I love how clean my view looks without the Hud I have to second this. On the Gladiator the screens are actually a decent size except the one I care about (weapons) is not visible without looking down from where I'm flying. Not to mention I'm still not sure how to switch to that screen to a view which shows me how many missiles I have left.
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    16. Camulos
      Ditto on not encountering it in the PTU.
    17. Vyla
      anyone else tried strapping the new size 5 gun to their ship? I had it on my Vanguard with a bro in the turret. What a loadout! The noise it makes is fantastic! They've added cutlasses to the Ai spawns as well which is cool!
    18. Blitz05
      Fps and freezing is due to netcode, that's why it wasn't much of a problem in ptu(less people). Wait a couple weeks while everyone finishes downloading the patch and the servers can dedicate more bandwith to the game.

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    19. Blitz05
      This issue will persist and has been for a while so don't feel surprised by it, just sit back and enjoy the view.

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