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Star Citizen Alpha 2.1 Is Live

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Light Cavalry, Jan 14, 2016.

By Light Cavalry on Jan 14, 2016 at 9:35 PM
  1. Light Cavalry

    Light Cavalry Ombudsman (OF-1) Staff Member

    Version 2.1 of Star Citizen is now released to live! Start your patchers!

    Some big changes that jumped out at me were
    • Vanguard is flyable
    • Freelancer is flyable
    • Saber is hangar-ready
    • Million Mile High Club ready for those who have one (@Xasper)
    • Lots of optimization server side and client side

    In addition, the Vanguard and Saber are now being sold, both separately, and in a combo pack for a slight discount.

    Full Patch Notes (open)

    Hangar Module
    Million Mile High Club is now available on live to those with the eligible package. You can access it via the Hangar elevator or the Main Menu -> “Universes” interface.It is also possible for members of your party to go with you into your Million Mile High Club.
    ShipsThe AEGIS Sabre is now hangar-ready!
    The new MISC Freelancer (base) model is is now available for viewing in the Hangar!(It’s also flight-ready in Crusader).
    EnvironmentA new lighting pass for Revel and York has begun.
    Vanguard Warden has received some graphical updates.
    User InterfaceTwo new sliders have been added to the audio option menu.“Dynamic Range” and “Ship Computer Speech Volume”.

    Fixed an issue where the Vanguard was missing its bathroom door.
    EnvironmentFixed an issue with texture conflicts in the left and right expansion bays of Selfland.
    Fixed an issue where some untextured items would appear on the reflections inside the VFG Industrial Hangar.
    Fixed an issue where there was a not-so-faint pink-purple tinge in all of VFG Industrial Hangar.
    TechnicalFixed an issue where having all Constellation variants in the hangar at once would cause severe streaming issues.
    User InterfaceFixed an issue where the ladders in the VFG Industrial had no use prompts to descend them.

    Arena Commander Module:
    Pilots can no longer exit ships in Arena Commander.Except for Free Flight mode, where pilots and crew can still exit their ships and EVA freely.
    ComponentsThe Apocalypse Arms (APAR) Revenant, a new size 4 ballistic gatling gun.This weapon is available on the Vanguard Warden by default, or purchased separately on the store.
    ShipsThe AEGIS Vanguard Warden is now flyable in both Arena Commander and Crusader!

    Ships can now only lock and fire 2 missiles simultaneously.The exception at the moment is the Origin 325a, which can lock 4 missiles due to the WillsOp Targeting computer.
    We are looking into other ships with similar or identical targeting computers to identify further missile adjustments in the future.
    ShipsThe weapons and turrets on the Retaliator and Cutlass have been adjusted for better overall role balance.

    Fixed an issue where ship attachments (weapons and components) would not behave correctly when the ship was destroyed.
    Fixed an issue where the Battle Royale game mode would sometimes not end.
    Fixed an issue where players could get kicked from Vanduul Swarm for being idle while waiting to respawn.
    Fixed an issue where ejecting during self-destruct would allow players to bypass the respawn penalty.
    ShipsFixed an issue where the self-destruct of a ship would be canceled after ejecting or exiting the pilot chair.
    Fixed an issue where the P-52 Merlin could not respawn in Race mode.
    Fixed an issue where multiple ships had broken or incorrect damage states in multiplayer game mode.
    Fixed an issue where the Vanduul Glaive and Scythe had incorrect top speeds in SCM mode.The Scythe now has a top speed of 195 m/s in SCM mode
    The Glaive now has a top speed of 205 m/s in SCM mode.
    User InterfaceFixed an issue where Vanduul ships weapons were not being displayed in the OVR HUD.
    Fixed an issue where ship holograms were not displaying sections of the ship.

    Persistent Universe:
    The Covalex Shipping hub now has a mission associated with it, seeking a Private Investigator.The mission should provides different paths and endings based on what data the character locates during the mission.
    ShipsThe MISC Freelancer (base) is now flyable in Crusader!
    EnvironmentAdded an “aim” pose for characters that are prone.
    User InterfaceBoth the Hangar Elevator and the Main Menu “Universes” UI now allows users to select instances (either best available or instances with friends/contacts) after they have selected the location.

    mobiGlas animations have been streamlined to make the process of accessing missions faster.
    CharacterCrouch animations and related locomotion have received some tweaks.
    The animations for “Idle to Movement” and “Movement to Idle” while holding a pistol have been tweaked.
    Some minor changes to how stop, starts, footsteps and running are animated.
    Run/walk animations have received tweaks.
    TechnicalSeveral performance improvements for Crusader have been made.
    The Port Olisar ship selector console has received some performance improvements.

    Fixed an issue where weapons were not brought back up after mobiGlas had been toggled off.
    Fixed an issue where aim-down-sight did not persist when transitioning to and from prone.
    Fixed an issue where QT could not be activated once a character had passed the “edge of universe boundary”.
    Fixed an issue where players could get back into a ship after ejecting, despite the canopy having been destroyed.
    Fixed an issue where pilots would not receive a collision warning for certain objects and stations in Crusader.
    Fixed an issue where ships that had self-on or near landing pads would not despawn and thus render the landing pad useless.
    Fixed an issue where it was possible to get the Port Olisar airlocks stuck in a permanent cycle state.
    Fixed an issue where ships could self-destruct in the Armistice zone.
    Fixed an issue where it was possible to black out even with G-SAFE enabled, without using boost.
    Fixed an issue where ship weapons would remain non-functional after having been repaired.
    Fixed one major cause of ships spawning with missing collision.This was effecting a variety of ships, and we will be monitoring closely to see if new causes are revealed.
    CharacterFixed an issue where activating aim down sight would not correctly override sprint when the player had a weapon out.
    ShipFixed an issue where the landing gear for the Retaliator Bomber was missing collision.
    Fixed an issue where the Vanduul Scythe cockpit would shoot forward when the ship is destroyed.
    Fixed an issue where interacting with the Constellation Andromeda side airlocks would catapult players out into space.
    EnvironmentFixed a typo on the construction sign for the ArcCorp Galleria, so it now correctly lists “2946” as the completion date.
    Fixed an issue with railing collision in various areas of ArcCorp.
    Fixed an issue where audio elements from the ship-terminals at Port Olisar would abruptly cut off as a character interacted with it.
    Fixed an issue where the scroll bar in the Contacts List (“F11”) was very difficult to see.
    Fixed an issue where the Dumper’s Depot robotic arm audio was playing across all of ArcCorp.
    EquipmentFixed an issue where weapons would pop into place during select/deselect animations rather then happening smoothly.
    Fixed an issue where the “Use” prompt for pick-ups (such as guns) would show up through walls.
    Fixed an issue with the P4-AR Ballistic Rifle, where it added a camera jerk when shifting fire modes.
    TechnicalFixed an issue where motion blur would be much more drastic on faster machines.
    Fixed several server-side crashes.
    Fixed a number of client crashes.
    Fixed several causes of Error 7 when attempting to access Crusader.
    Fixed some of the server and performance issues that were occurring when there were many AI ships active simultaneously.
    Fixed an issue where joining instances via the “Contacts In Instance” function was frequently timing out.
    Fixed a performance issue related to AI deaths in Crusader.
    Fixed a frame rate drop that would occur for all connected clients in Crusader, when a player died in combat.
    The Constellation Andromeda has received some optimizations to improve client performance in and around the ship.
    User InterfaceFixed an issue where “Contacts in Instance” was very difficult to read on the Elevator terminal UI.
    Fixed an issue where the party list would disappear for the leader when there are more then 2 members of the party.
    Fixed an issue where “Contacts In Instance” wouldn’t appear on the Hangar Elevator until the user had entered and exited a instance.
    Fixed an issue where the text entry field for contacts had to be cleared by clicking “X” each time.
    Fixed an issue where kicking someone from a party or disbanding the party would not update the contacts window until it had been closed and reopened.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Light Cavalry, Jan 14, 2016.

    1. Light Cavalry
    2. Drakon
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    3. khayuung
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    4. Wiskeyweasel
      I can't be the only one saddened by the fact I can't macross missile spam in my Gladiator anymore. Wasn't the most effective and I didn't do it much, but it as fun while it lasted.
    5. Vyla
      Oh god flyable vanguard. Bye bye weekend
    6. Damocles
      is it just me or does development seem to be accelerating
    7. Redshift
      well the amount of people has increased exponentially since 2012 so you have to expect some growth speed. On top of that, core systems were the early priorities so it doesn't shock me at all that once they got those done, and stopped the feature creep, that we'd be seeing major movements forward. On top of that, optimization has started amongst the offices so it's going smoother. Honestly, while the backbone of things is done, there is still immense work needing to be done on the 110 systems we have access to along with the future expansion of the universe when we find jump points. The mission system is getting cemented but still has a long way to go. Also, they've done little with the cultural differences in actual art context. There's a long way to go. However, the main systems seem to be ahead of schedule and that only means better and more optimized systems.
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    8. Damocles
      i suspect locking down the feature creep has also impacted hevaily
    9. Phoenix49
      Sabre in my hangar. Vanguard out in space.

      This is a good release. The more and more stable things get in the PU, the more they're going to start pushing for features rather than back-end and systems.

      Can't wait for commerce, mining, exploration and repairs to start coming online! Development has definitely accelerated, turns out all the time and effort put in by the Project Managers to define good processes and pipelines is paying off ^^
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    10. Vyla
      Good day for Aegis addicts isn't it, Phoenix? :p
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    11. Kevtor
      Thank the 'verse for a three day weekend :sunglasses:
      Guess I should dust off the 'ole flight stick and play / train some. (whip)
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    12. Light Cavalry
      Light Cavalry
      Hehe. I'd nearly forgotten. Enjoy your Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
    13. Drakon
      I haven't had a chance to hop in verse yet, but did they reduce the laser size of the Freelancer? Last I heard it was super OP in the PTU and there were sayings that it would go down from S4 to S2 or something.
    14. bleachorange
      All I can say is I hope I can fly vanguard since I have a harbinger, but somehow I doubt it.
    15. Light Cavalry
      Light Cavalry
      From what I've heard not yet, but they are working on getting all loaners set up properly.
    16. Mechavoc
      I'm surprised the Million mile high club is not a stand alone structure in the verse.
    17. Vyla
      I also have the Harbinger, I can chose a Warden from the Port Olisar terminal.
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    18. Light Cavalry
      Light Cavalry
      Glad to be mistaken. They need to fix the main gun though. That thing overheats waaaay too quickly.
    19. Savage
      The vanguard is a really really fun ship to fly. I can see why they want to nerf it next. Can't wait to see what the sabre feels like if the vanguard is this maneuverable.
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