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Please read before posting

Discussion in 'Recruitment Office' started by Inc, Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. Inc

    Inc Well-Known Member

    If you are reading this then you are ready to take the first steps towards becoming the newest recruit of the Systems United Navy. Below is a questionnaire that you will copy, paste and answer in a new thread titled Candidacy: (Your Name).

    Before you start, it is paramount that you read the current Operations Manual, situated in the Systems United Navy forum. Please ensure you have read and understand the latest edition.

    In particular, note the following points.

    1) As a SUN member, you may not belong to any other Star Citizen player organization.
    2) As a SUN member, you must not engage in piracy or slavery.
    3) As a SUN member, you may not have an alternate character who engages in activities prohibited to your SUN character.
    4) If you had read the Operations Manual, you would know those 3 things. Read the Operations Manual.

    The italics entered are examples.

    Username: Inc
    RSI Handle: Inc
    RSI Forum profile: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/profile/35653/bleachorange
    Given Name: George
    Initial of Last Name: S
    Timezone in UTC: UTC

    - Constellation - 'Ronin'
    - Hornet - 'Undecided'

    NOTE: your ships are not individually tracked. However, the ships you have, together with your intended service type, will be used to determine your assignment in the fleet.

    Intended Service Type: Full Fleet Service
    You can find out about the different service-types in the manual.


    Why did you choose the Systems United Navy: Example motivation text describing attractive features of the SUN.

    What can you contribute towards the Systems United Navy:
    Example list of positive features and description of a good attitude.

    How did you find out about the Systems United Navy:
    Example source.

    Do you have any specialities or attributes that can positively contribute towards the Systems United Navy: Example outstanding hobby that might be of value to the SUN.

    How do you see yourself playing Star Citizen:
    Example gung-ho motivational or ironic statement about hardware.

    Any other queries or comments:
    Example supplementary comment noting that the recruitment officer got bored at this point of filling in the examples, and a question polling for an unclear aspect of the manual or matter of policy.


    Now, once you post has been submitted, our recruitment officer will reply acknowledging the success or denial of your application. You may await your assignment in the appropriate thread afterwards.


    Make sure you say hello in the Introductions forum!

    Additional notes:

    SUN rangers are not currently recruiting and when they do so will only do so internally

    After your candidacy is posted, you may send in an application to join the SUN organisation on the RSI website. Please note your SUN username clearly. If your candidacy is still pending, please note so clearly when sending in your application. It will only be accepted once your candidacy has been approved on the SUN website.

    The original thread was made by Prevalent, I am in no way taking credit for the layout or writing in this thread.
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