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Pax East 2019....

Discussion in 'Systems United Navy Public' started by Lance, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. Lance

    Lance Retired (OF-1)


    Good evening everyone! Your ex-admiral has returned... as a private (or whatever else Tann has called the new recruits...) I have no desire to re-assert my control, but I TOTALLY want to fun to come back.

    I have a new job and a new life... and for those of you interested in hearing about it, message me. I'm coming back to the forums.

    However, what I wanted to propose is that we schedule a meetup for Pax East 2019. For those of you early in the Star Citizen campaign, you will remember Pax East as some of the best events around Star Citizen in the early days. Given I am now making money again (a prospect I thought that was not possible only a few months ago), I would like to plan a get-together of people at Pax East in 2019.

    What I propose is that I get a house on AIRBNB for at least a few of us... Tann is free (and you all owe him more drinks than he can handle)... and we split the cost. (I will pay half, but I get the master...) The house will be for all 5 days (longer than the 3 it used to be), coming in the night before and leaving the day after.

    We can cook there or we can go out (and I suggest a mix of both... though I am MORE than happy to cook... and I can REALLY cook... but I will require good scotch to do so)...

    I want this to be a bash. I want to be drunk as a skunk. I want the geekiest of the geekiest to be there. I want to meet the people I have not met... I want the energy that was there in the early days of SUN and Star Citizen. I want to play (and buy) role playing games that we sit and play through the entire event.

    If anybody is interested, email me at james@home-of-james.com (My real name is James if you couldn't tell...).

    I don't want this to die... I want this to actually happen. I love SUN... I have watched it from afar and I am proud to see what has survived through the slow times. I also want you to reach out to ex-SUN members... the ones who left for one reason or another... and get them excited about the game again.

    If you are interested... message me... email me... fuck (sorry Tann) call me at work and we will figure out what works. I miss my friends. I miss the excitement around Star Citizen... and I FUCKING WANT IT BACK!

    Hope to hear from of a few of you soon... and just to piss a few people off... @Servicemen

    Lastly... to all my old friends from the early years... PLEASE message me. It has been too long. I have been a horrible friend... but I want to rekindle what we had.

  2. Firefox14x

    Firefox14x Vice Admiral (OF-6) Staff Member

    Welcome back Lance! Good to see you around again!! Sign me up as a potential spot for this shin dig, I should be free to come up there for some shenanigans
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  3. Lance

    Lance Retired (OF-1)

    Done... and good to be back! Bring a fresh liver...
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  4. Light Cavalry

    Light Cavalry Ombudsman (OF-1) Staff Member

    Wish I could go, but that's smack dab in pulling loads of all nighters to finish final projects part of the semester.

    You all have fun!
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  5. BadIronTree

    BadIronTree Pilot Officer (OF-1)

  6. Apollo

    Apollo Watch Marshal (OF-5)

    Set up a livestream so I can join from Australia!

    Welcome back Lance mate, good to hear from you!
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  7. ilandprnce

    ilandprnce Support Foreman Adj. (OF-3)

    This is just what I needed in my life rn.


    Especially if it's 2019 PAX as I'll be 'out' on march break hopefully. As well as potentially working in the area... hopefully.
  8. Lance

    Lance Retired (OF-1)

    It is GREAT to hear from you all... it truly is! I have missed my time here.

    This will be a bash! I may even contact them ahead of time to see if I can secure enough tickets for our guild to go. It is still a long way off, but I have found that having something to look forward to makes life a LOT more fun to live.

    For those of you who can't make it... we will figure out a way to make it fun! I'm sure a skype cam or 7 will find their way to the house. And there will be a SUN drinking game for those old enough to imbibe (or old enough to know where your parents keep the keys to the liquor cabinet).

    What I realized during my time away is that SUN is about people... you guys! And me. If any of you remember the early days, I started out as the SUN reporter. I would like to bring that back, but to talk about you. I would love to bring that back in some fashion. (God knows there isn't enough news out of RSI for a weekly, or even a monthly report...)

    We have also lost people during our time apart, for many different reasons. Many will not come back to SUN, but that doesn't make them any less of our friends. If you know someone who has left, but they are still a friend, please reach out and tell them to check the forums again. The game may not be done, but the friendship bonded is far from over... no matter what politics got in the way. (Or how much vodka got in the way... )

    On a personal note, please reach out to me and tell me how your lives are going. I want to catch up on the time I let go by...

    Until we meet again!
  9. Tyrus

    Tyrus Pilot Officer (OF-1)

    Welcome back to the madness, Lance!
    Christ, just seeing that avatar takes me back five years.
  10. DominicWarfield

    DominicWarfield Wing Commander (OF-4)

    *Dom falls from the ceiling ducts*
    Fuck! I'm up, I'm up...what's happening y'all?

    PAX East 2019 huh?
    We'll I wasn't there for the very early days but yaknow what, fuck it, I'm in!!
    Massachusetts is my home turf, It's only fair I help you all live it up. I only ask that I be excused from my officer conduct by the second round or when I hit it off with some cosplay girl!
    It's about time I met some of you in person anyways!
  11. Lance

    Lance Retired (OF-1)

    Oh Dom... officers have a notorious reputation for Pax East... and if you are hitting on only ONE cosplay girl, Armond Hammer may have to teach you to do it right... (That was a fun night... I don't think my bar bill has ever been bigger...)

    And good to see you Tyrus! I'll be in your neck of the woods (or at least neck of the world) in a couple of months. A quick work trip I've been trying to get the logistics down for.

    Well we have enough to have a go at it... We will talk more. Hopefully it will be a year to get excited about again!
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  12. McConn

    McConn Pilot Officer (OF-1)

    Heavens !

    good to have you returned, Lance.
    Regrettably I suppose I won't make it from Germany .. but if I could give u a hint for an RPG to get playing : its Paizos Starfinder ;)

    Cuz - as a fun fact - they even use PACT worlds.... :D

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  13. Lance

    Lance Retired (OF-1)

    Ha! You know there is a disturbance in the force when I am back.

    I'll check it out. This weekend... my game is "Farm Manager 2018"
  14. Argo

    Argo Support Lieutenant (OF-2)

    ill be there, will probably be an exhibitor but I could sneak away for a while
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  15. Ephraim Tannhauser

    Ephraim Tannhauser Fleet Admiral (OF-7) Staff Member

    Exhibiting for which booth? You've come a long way since we first crossed paths at PAX East 2014.
  16. Argo

    Argo Support Lieutenant (OF-2)

    I'll be at Battleground games and hobbies, the biggest booth in tabletop.
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  17. Ternk

    Ternk Support Pilot (OF-1)

    Glad to hear that things are going well now, James! Hopefully, this game starts adding content soon, so that we can get to playing.
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