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Patch time

Discussion in 'Star Citizen' started by AngelusRex, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. AngelusRex

    AngelusRex Flight Lieutenant (OF-2)

    ...cloth patches that is:


    I like 'em.

    This game is forcing me to learn & sew :p
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  2. Tyrus

    Tyrus Pilot Officer (OF-1)

    Sooner rather than later, we'll see Heavy Metal style patch-vests, but based around Star Citizens.
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  3. AngelusRex

    AngelusRex Flight Lieutenant (OF-2)

    Oh I'll post results when done this wkend.
    One for the hoodie, and another for an old messenger-style bag, if I find it that is.
  4. Inc

    Inc Well-Known Member

    It was trying to explain to my GF that I could sew the other day having been in the armed forces...... I got laughed at (and sew better than her!)
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  5. KaZeFenrir

    KaZeFenrir Well-Known Member

    I want a Drake patch, and a better hoodie or coat. Till then I'm going to hold off on buying any material from cig.

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  6. Beardo

    Beardo Vice Admiral (OF-6) Staff Member

    I got mine a little while ago with the 5 original ships. Thankfully I learnt how to sew in a medieval reenactment group. And worst case scenario, I have people I can bribe with food to do it for me if I stuff up horribly.

    Biggest problem is finding a jacket to put them on.
  7. DominicWarfield

    DominicWarfield Wing Commander (OF-4)

    awwwww.....thought it was an AC patch.....
  8. martinv

    martinv New Member

    I like the Squadron 42 patch ...... where would I buy one ......?
  9. Light Cavalry

    Light Cavalry Ombudsman (OF-1) Staff Member

    They used to be in the RSI merch store but I don't think they are anymore.