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Kickstarter Q&A with Chris Roberts

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Lance, Oct 22, 2012.

By Lance on Oct 22, 2012 at 9:37 AM
  1. Lance

    Lance Retired (OF-1)

    Last night, Chris Roberts spent 30 minutes answering user questions in the Kickstarter forum. Given the intro comments, I believe Chris will make time weekly to respond to user’s questions.

    What we learned last night:
    • Chris plans on implementing his own controlled servers to improve latency and prevent cheating (at least for people who don’t want to cheat). It is more expensive, but provides a better experience.
    • There will be a maximum velocity on ship speed for gameplay reasons.
    • There will be nose art! (We can hope there will be full ship art.)
    • He plans to implement an auto-pilot system between points of interest because otherwise the vastness of space would make it “very boring”. He may implement the ability to fly from one jump point to another without using autopilot, but it would only be for the die-hard realists.
    • The computer AI will be able to run your turrets, but won’t fly your fighter tender. You will either need to set the big ship to autopilot turn on the turrets and jump in your fighter, or have a friend take the helm for you. He is not ruling out an option to implement autopilot at a later date, but it is not available at the moment.
    • You will see physical damage to ships. He plans on allowing parts to break and fly off when they are damaged.
    • There will be sub-stretch goals coming in the next few days (between the $2 and $3 million mark and above).
    • Chris outlined the details of an instance. Quoted here: “An instance is a server run battle of players (maximum not determined yet but will be at least as much as BF3 and hopefully a lot more). We dynamically create these based on different player's locations and travel in the universe, so that when players that would be in conflict (or hostile NPCs) cross paths we have a battle instance to put them into to resolve the combat before letting them continue on their way.. The persistent universe server keeps tracks of all the players locations and assets and dynamically "match makes" these battles.”
    • Chris talked about the site security: “All the payment stuff is handled away from our site (via Paypal, Amazon or Stripe, which is how we manage the credit card stuff). We don't keep financial data or CC numbers on our site. The most we keep is your email address and name. Having said that we recognize that even the email addresses are sensitive so we will be upping our security on this over the coming weeks - moving to https and such.”
    • You will be able to buy and defend your own bases, possibly take over bases as well. However, he is trying to work out a system where you would not lose your base just because you are offline.
    • He would love to bring Chris Hamil back to do some of the voice work, and it is a plan for him to come back if they hit their stretch goal.
    • Chris gave details of his rig, and even I am envious: “My dev machine is self built and is Thermaltake GT10 case, with a Asus x79 Pro motherboard, a overclocked Intel 3960x, 32 GB of Corsair Vengeance memory, 256GB SSD system drive and a 2TB data drive with two GTX680 SC+ in SLI.”
    • All the HUDs and targeting components will be modular and enhanceable.
    • The miner will not be left out of the game. He wants to build in allowing for mining and resource collection for the trader/industrialist.
    • Chris will be doing a Reddit AMA today at 10 AM PST, so keep your eye out!
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Lance, Oct 22, 2012.

    1. Zovator
      Awesome stuff!
    2. Prevalent Pegasus
      Prevalent Pegasus
      Congratulations on your first news post Lance! Very nice and well executed. Keep up the good work!
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    3. LordYeven
      Thank you for this news. Pretty interesting
    4. bleachorange
      Kickstarter Update #5

      We're happy to announce that Chris Roberts is doing an AMA today on Reddit! For those unfamiliar, AMAs (which stands for "Ask Me Anything") are a chance for Reddit users to interact directly with interesting figures. Past subjects have ranged from ordinary people with unusual jobs all the way up to a recent chat with President Obama. Reddit has been very supportive of Star Citizen already and we're hoping that Chris' session will help get the word out about or crowd funding. So head over to the thread and grill Chris about Star Citizen!
    5. Lance
      And Chris has managed to crash Reddit. Congrats Chis! There is a giant community out there who wants to see you make this game!
    6. Xasper
      This was supposed to carry me through my morning though... Now i'm bored, smashing refresh, I want the ship info to come out as well. Oh well, if he really is responsible for crashing reddit I would be hugely impressed, that's a large following. Maybe I'll get breakfast while I wait.
    7. Lance
    8. Xasper
      Yeah I saw that, curse his luck, I want him to get this game out there. More people need to see this, its not getting front-page press. Even I only heard about it through an XCOM podcast I was listening to argh.
    9. Lance
      I saw it on Tom's Hardware. When I realized what it was I instantly pledged (though not enough). I wish we could hit a major news source somehow.
    10. Xasper
      Man, how did I miss seeing it on Tom's Hardware, I've been hammering that website for almost a month non-stop to find out more about the Samsung 840 series SSD's
    11. Lance
      It was one of the rolling news stories. It wasn't on the front page for more than 2 or 3 hours. I wish Tom's would get behind this project (as it will actually USE the hardware they are talking about)
    12. Xasper
      Jeez, just cant win, I need to see this on like IGN's front page or something - And yes, one of the few games in existence that actually uses all the new fun enthusiast toys.
    13. EllisDee
      fix it fix it fix it
    14. Xasper
      Since Reddit is still down, he's taking questions on the kickstarter comments page if anyone is interested!
    15. bleachorange
      He's back on reddit now!
    16. Xasper
      Hahaha, I know, I see you bouncing all over the place
    17. bleachorange
      lol, it's hard to keep up when you have to re-post stuff on RSI because the first one didn't take. :)
    18. Xasper
      God I hate that, I've gotten in the habit of copying everything before I hit post, so I can just paste it when it goes south.
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    19. bleachorange
      except then the formatting goes to pieces on me and I have to spend time resurrecting it. It's important for Q&A sessions. :(