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Just got accepted? Read this!

Discussion in 'Recruitment Office' started by Dragotha, Jan 22, 2014.

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  1. Dragotha

    Dragotha Pilot Officer (OF-1) Staff Member

    Welcome to the Systems United Navy!

    First Steps

    1) If you have not already done so, please apply to SUN on the RSI Organization Page . If your forum name is not the same as the name you used here, please reference it in your (brief) application.

    2) Remember that you may not belong to other player organizations. Joining another player organization is cause for immediate dismissal. Exceptions to this rule can be found in the Approved Affiliates Thread.

    3) Please post an introduction in the Introduction Thread so we can get to know you.

    4) Unit assignments are based on the time zone, service type request and existing ships in your application. Normally this assignment will happen within a week or two of being accepted to SUN. Sometimes it can take longer, especially if the Fleet is in the midst of a general attendance check. Please be patient.

    New assignments are announced in the Official Roster Thread, and you can request a transfer in the Transfer Thread if needed (if, for instance, you gave an incorrect time zone in your application, or if your availability changes).

    5) Get to know your unit. Once assigned, you should be contacted by your immediate superior or welcomed in the Squadron's dedicated forum. If not, say hi yourself.

    6) Join in for Arena Commander training sessions. Schedules should be posted in your assigned Battle Group forums (and feel free to join in with other BG's as well).

    Check the Other Games Thread for up to date information and discussion for playing other games, as well.

    7) Participate in our Organization chat on the RSI forums


    Quick Links and Other Important Information

    1) SUN's voice communication is done through Discord. See the Discord Thread for an invitation link.

    2) Know your chain of command. The Operations Manual and Roster are kept up to date. Please stay familiar with them. Other specialised publications can be found in the Staff Publications Thread

    3) Many other important matters are posted by the Staff. You may want to watch their threads in the Staff Section.

    4) If you have problems with another service member or with the staff, please talk to the Commissar. The Commissar is elected by our Servicemen for a fixed term, and their job is to handle any disputes between service members or between service members and staff. Find out more at the Office of the Commissar.

    5) Have you received an award? Check the Official Unofficial Awards Depot to flaunt your flair.
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