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Candidacy: Ren

Discussion in 'Recruitment Office' started by Renderd, Nov 18, 2015.

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  1. Renderd

    Renderd Pilot Officer (OF-1)

    Username: Ren
    RSI Handle: MrRenderd
    RSI Forum profile: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/MrRenderd
    Given Name: Cameron
    Initial of Last Name: J
    Timezone in UTC: -10 (HST)

    - Redeemer (LTI) - 'Valiant'
    - Avenger Warlock (LTI) - 'Nemisis'
    - Gladius (might upgrade to vangaurd) - "Undecided"

    Intended Service Type: Full Fleet Service
    I am currently in the military and there may be times that my activity will drop but i will be sure to let my CoC (Chain of Command) know whats going on. Also, because of being in the type of job i am my play times vary depending on where i go and may need to transfer to new wings that fit my play times. Currently my play time are from 9:30PM to 12:00AM - 2:00AM (HST) due to me working a night shift. However, that time will change come January and will have a different play time. Weekends are good as long as nothing is going on in which again i will inform CoC.

    I plan on getting out of the military on my ETS (Novemeber 2016) so it wont be like that for to long. After January i start focusing on getting out of the military rather then being put to work in different places so shouldn't be to much fluctuating.

    Why did you choose the Systems United Navy:
    I am looking for a military inspired organisation and when first looking long ago i joined Imperium but got lost in everything they are trying to do, which is fine just not what i am looking for. I was reading there monthly report and noticed they were highlighting this org and so i looked into SUN. Immediately i found your SoP and knew right away that i was very interested. The structure and the vision that SUN incorporates looks to be exactly what i was looking for. I have removed myself from Imperium, I was not in any squadron as all that was kind of confusing and wanted to wait for a more detailed SoP to come out to understand better I have no hanging affiliation, and applying serve under the SUN flag.

    What can you contribute towards the Systems United Navy:
    I am a highly motivated individual that focuses on completing the mission and being a positive force to those around me. I find no joy in starting conflicts or challenging those appointed over me. To those around me i treat everyone with respect until you have lost my respect due to moral character. When joining into something i like to start from the bottom to learn the basics but eventually my leadership skills and drive push me to that position to make decisions on the mission and become a mentor to others.

    How did you find out about the Systems United Navy:
    Imperium monthly organisation highlight

    Do you have any specialties or attributes that can positively contribute towards the Systems United Navy: I like to to work on computers and helping others. So if your computer is not working the way you would like, looking to upgrade, or want to build an entire system yourself i am happy to help. Additionally, I am a intelligence analyst for the military and working on my degree for MI. This could contribute to the org depending on strategic operations in the future. For more information send me a message as i would rather not post directly about it in a open forum such as this.

    How do you see yourself playing Star Citizen:
    I would like to get into everything which with the duty cycle listed in the SoP will allow me to do this. I can stay combat focused like i want during those duty times and then on the off times i take a break from that and focus on other avenues that i am interested in.

    Any other queries or comments:
    The SoP that was provided was the main selling point of my interest into this ORG. amazing job on it and sometimes i wish SoP in the military looked as good as this.

    Updates to post:
    - Updated ships
  2. bleachorange

    bleachorange Rear Admiral Liberty (Acting) (OF-5) Staff Member


    You have been accepted into the Systems United Navy. You will be contacted soon(tm) with your service registration information and assignment orders.

    Don't eat my pie, and we will get along fine.


    PS - Welcome to SUN!
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