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Adventure in the Spinward Marches

Discussion in 'Role Play' started by Phoenician, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Phoenician

    Phoenician Well-Known Member

    I’m starting up a Mongoose Traveller roleplaying game based in the Spinward Marches. Traveller itself is a sci-fi rpg taking place in space and various world in which the characters can be pretty much anyone they want and do a variety of things from piracy to trading, to exploration, to mining, and so on. The game doesn’t use experience points like many other roleplaying games; skills are acquired by spending time learning them (not session time). Traveller has many similarities to some tv shows and other games; it’s similar to the shows Firefly and Dark Matter and the rpg Rogue Trader to name a few.

    The game will consist of five players plus me as the referee. Right now I’m shooting for Thursday or Friday or Sunday. Anyone interested in playing will have to write a short section answering the following and sending it to me in a private message on either the forums or discord. What times in CST are you typically available on Thurs/Fri/Sat? Why should I pick you to play in my game? What themes are you interested in (piracy, exploration, mercenary, trading, investigation, discovery, etc)? And what experiences have you had that would make you a good choice? I will be picking players who I believe will have the best experience together as Traveller is very much a team game. We will meet once a week for our session on the day & time that works best for the selected players.

    The game is heavily based on roleplaying so you must be comfortable with lots of roleplaying and talking frequently. Voice communication is an absolute must (text only communication and silent characters will not be tolerated). We will be using discord and roll20. Players new to the universe are fine. Players new to roleplaying are also fine but should write a bit more in their short section.

    Selected players will only need to know the rules and basic setting, all the other information (planet information, map, companies, etc) will be provided by me. Character creation and starship creation can be a bit overwhelming but don’t get discouraged since we will be doing that as a group. The rulebooks you will need are the Core Rulebook, High Guard, and Central Supply Catalogue.


    Map location, don’t be overwhelmed we will only be using a small portion of the entire map.

    Feel free to tag anyone else that may be interested. I may be opening this up to people outside of SUN so if you know anyone that is interested they can send me a private message on discord. Phoenician#9954

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
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  2. Phoenician

    Phoenician Well-Known Member

    The Traveller game will be using Discord from here on for updates.