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2019 Roadmap Up

Discussion in 'Star Citizen' started by Light Cavalry, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Light Cavalry

    Light Cavalry Ombudsman (OF-1) Staff Member


    I've gotta say... I don't see a lot of real meat in here that is the sort of transformative feature that changes the game from its current state into something that I can lose myself in.

    I hope they'll surprise me, but *shrug*.

    What do y'all think? Am I overlooking big gameplay things in here that are going to be game changing?
  2. Silverhawk71

    Silverhawk71 Captain (OF-3)

    I still download and play each patch but yeah, seems slow going still at this stage.
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  3. Camulos

    Camulos Support Foreman Adj. (OF-3)

    it is.
  4. Rei

    Rei Captain (OF-3)

    2022 here we come!

    I just re-installed for the first time in probably three years. Game runs much smoother but the strange interaction bugs still remain. I guess I'll try everything there is to try until something else comes along.
  5. Rocket-Man

    Rocket-Man Pilot Officer (OF-1)

    Ugh... to think we were all hoping to be kicking ass and taking names years ago, I'm just hoping to have the single player campaign by 2021. If we have a universe by 2022 I will be impressed. There was a time I was worried I wouldn't have time to upgrade my PC before the game came out, now I might have to upgrade again lol.

    Assuming CIG doesn't go belly up...
  6. Clockwork

    Clockwork Pilot Officer (OF-3)

    I have upgraded 2 times since I backed this game, going for a third upgrade soon
  7. Ternk

    Ternk Support Pilot (OF-1)

    Yes, it's an interesting waiting game of sorts. On one hand it sucks waiting, but on the other it's fascinating to watch them build a game that goes beyond any other triple-A game ever has. I almost wish I could have changed my vote from so many years ago, when Chris Roberts asked the community, "Do you want a simpler game faster that builds in fidelity over time or do you want a much more polished product that will take longer to make?" Went with the latter, but should've voted for the former.
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  8. Ephraim Tannhauser

    Ephraim Tannhauser Fleet Admiral (OF-7) Staff Member

    I'd agree with you. My problem was a failure to grasp how much longer it would take.
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  9. FatRefrigerator

    FatRefrigerator Auxiliary Leader (OF-3)

    My only fear is they'll run out of money before they can finish this off. I have no doubt that give infinite money and 5 or so more years that it would be a fantastic game, but the well is going to run dry eventually. Only so many whales and new backers.
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  10. Light Cavalry

    Light Cavalry Ombudsman (OF-1) Staff Member

    yeah absolutely

    and I can't really say I'd recommend it to a new backer as things are going now sadly....
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  11. FatRefrigerator

    FatRefrigerator Auxiliary Leader (OF-3)

    But now here I am watching Pillar Talk and all I can think about is how I want to throw more money at the game to make it come out faster
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  12. Ternk

    Ternk Support Pilot (OF-1)

    My hunch is that it will come out. All they need to do is finish SQ42 single player, which should generate enough money and buy enough time to finish Star Citizen.

    I've got a friend who jokes that there will literally be people who die waiting for this game after dropping hundreds of dollars on it. He speculated that ship packages will be passed onto others in wills. Turned out the joke hit a little close to home. My old man told me he wanted to give me some of his ships in case he happened to pass on... ouch!