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Discussion in 'Star Citizen' started by Zombie, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Zombie

    Zombie Well-Known Member

    We did it.
    We've hit the 10 mill !!!!!!!!!!!
    MoCap studio here we come :D:D:D:D
  2. Tyrus

    Tyrus Retired (OF-1)

    20 bucks the Sq42 admiral or the Imperator is going to be mo-capp'd by CR himself.
  3. Trapjaw

    Trapjaw Active Member

    The guy that got the total over the 10 mill mark won himself an Avenger for his efforts. Wow.
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  4. PapaQ

    PapaQ Pilot Officer (OF-1)

    With the momentum of the pledges rolling in these last couple of months, there was never really any doubt, we'd reach $10M.

    I wonder how much more they'll get before release or even alpha. I'm guessing at least $12-13M by alpha, depending on extra ship sales, events like the 24h live stream etc.
  5. Prevalent Pegasus

    Prevalent Pegasus Well-Known Member

    The big number, congrats guys.
  6. Mezcon

    Mezcon Well-Known Member

    Wuuu less party!!!!!
  7. bleachorange

    bleachorange Rear Admiral Liberty (Acting) (OF-5) Staff Member

    ten million pies?
  8. Jasticus

    Jasticus Well-Known Member

    Well, lets see. 300i Brochure (and sale likely) next week, so at minimum I'd say another 400-600k if they run it for a week, ending with the 24hr livestream.

    Then if they perhaps run a sale for the Avenger and anything else new after the live stream, with new stretch goals?

    Might hit 12 or 13 million by the end of July. Especially since this next 24 hour livestream is supposed to show a ton of what they've been working on, we may finally reach 200k pledgers as well. I bet a lot of people are just waiting to see content.