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Terms of Service and Rules

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Community Code of Conduct:

The Community Code of Conduct details negative actions that will not be tolerated within the Systems United Navy as applied to activities related to organizational operations, conduct within our private community and interactions between our Servicemen. Disciplinary actions, including warnings and sanctions, must reference one or more of these infractions.

§1 Disrespect:

Acting rudely, impolitely or aggressively against fellow Servicemen or institutions of the Fleet despite warning to the contrary.

§2 Discrimination:

Negative behaviour toward fellow Servicemen on the basis of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, nation of origin, political affiliation, religion or other irrelevant personal characteristics.

§3 Disrepute:

Behaviour that reflects negatively the individual’s office or the reputation of the organization within the greater community.

§4 Failure to Meet Service Requirements:

Failure to meet requirements for attendance, activity, training, and other qualifiers for service in the organization. Failure to conform to organization policies. Disobeying direct orders issued through the chain of command.

§5 Obscenities:

Discussion or distribution of pornography, graphic violence, objectionable language and other explicit materials or concepts through organizational channels or during organizational events.

§6 Illegal Activities:

Discussion or distribution of materials related to criminal acts, especially those that would affect the liability of the organization.

§7 Misuse of Infrastructure:

Unauthorised use or continued abuse of SUN infrastructure including forum tools, voice communications and other information technology assets.

§8 Misuse of Resources:

Unauthorised use or continued abuse of SUN resources including vessels, fuel, ammunition and other necessary assets.

§9 Espionage:

Unauthorised transfer of confidential organization information to external parties.

§10 Sedition:

Inciting insubordination or rebellion within the organization. Threats or ultimatums for demands rather than using existing tools for proposing improvements.

§11Griefing and Harassment:

Releasing personal information, initiating inappropriate contact outside the organization or threatening bodily harm.

§12Conduct Unbecoming a Serviceman:

Any severe and unanticipated misconduct that does not fall into the above categories, as defined by the consensus of the College of Admirals and Office of the Ombudsman.

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