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Apologies for posting this late, but yesterday was rather busy for me and I didn't end up finishing with everything until nearly 2am this morning. I know it breaks my Saturday posting streak... but, y'know... 'life'.

Without further ado, lets get into examining the past week.

Believe it or not, the only 'big' bit of news is the Reliant sale. It's a new starter ship... in fact, they're calling it a new 'Tier II' starter, which means it could be the type of ship someone started with if they bought, say, the collectors edition of Star Citizen. It's still considered a starter, but it is also just a little bit better than the other two.

Since it is the only big thing, it does make my summarizing easier, but it also feels just a bit empty. I normally have two...

Hello once again, all you happy people out there in SUNSPOT-reading land.

I think I can say that we have officially entered zombie mode right now. Just sort-of shuffling along while we wait for the next big release, 1.2. Otherwise known as Star Marine. Running about a month behind the initial estimate and getting bored with Arena Commander, the slowdown is starting to take its toll, even on the most dedicated.

Until we actually get Star Marine to fiddle around with, there is pretty much another week of fluff content. With Sandi being in London doing the shoot for SQ42, we're not even getting any good sneak peek images to look at.

Well, about all I can do is summarize the stuff we got, and since information is starting to repeat week after week more often, I feel like the stuff I bring here becomes less and less as well (even if it isn't really the case).


Hey everyone,

Sorry this is coming late. I've been out and about doing things all day today and only recently had time to sit down, grab a bite to eat for dinner, and now do this. So I apologize in advance for it sort of being the 'quick and dirty' version of SUNSPOT that doesn't have a bunch of detail or flavorful commentary.

I'm just really tired, but I want to get it out there before I crash.

First thing on the agenda - SC Alpha 1.1.2 is out. Loading times are absolutely wonderful now, so woohoo, and there is the first bit of NPC interaction, along with the training session. It will keep you occupied for twenty minutes minimum before you wait for the next patch.

Running through everything else...

Bugsmashers got its first standalone video. Congrats Mark Abent, well deserved....

I will kick off this episode of SUNSPOT by stating a simple truth: There was a lot of 'stuff' this week. Yes, stuff.

Nothing quite as knock-your-socks-off as saying 'Oh, wow, the FPS module has finally arrived!', but it's not difficult to tell that it is inching towards release. At least it is hoped as much, and the current version up on the test servers (1.1.2) shows that a rather sudden leap has been made with load times.

In other words, loading times that used to take long minutes are now taking a handful of seconds. We can only hope that remains consistent throughout future patches.

So what else is there to talk about? Well, the Hull series hit at the end of last week, so that's a rather obvious one. Instead of only one ship, we get five new ones to pick from, the A through E. The sale ends this weekend, so if you're interested in one with LTI it's now or...
The PTU for patch 1.1.2 is now available. The primary function of this patch is to introduce a tutorial mode, alongside various other bugfixes and framework setting the stage for the relase of the FPS module, which is supposed to be slated for the next patch, patch 1.2.

Patch Notes (open)

Star Citizen Patch v1.1.2

This release contains the tutorial section of Arena Commander! Please be sure to report any issues found within it! :)
Arena Commander Module


  • Added a flight tutorial to the game
  • Added a conversation system that allows NPCs to detect a character's location and initiate dialogue
  • Added backend functionality for game events to disable and enable specific ship controls and ship systems
  • Added an in-hangar flight system for usage in the tutorial
  • Added animation to the thruster irises on the Cutlass...