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'Tis that time again. Without me having to repeat myself every week now while we wait for the FPS, I'll just get right into the nitty gritty.

The latest issue of Jump Point, about the creation of the Reliant, is now available for subscribers. Oh, and they're considering doing another printing for Jump Point Year 2, if enough people pre-order.

You can test fly every AC-ready ship in the game right now, in case there was one you still hadn't tried yet. It goes through next weekend.

Lastly, there is a Q & A post about the Scythe, since rumor has it that it will be flyable in the...

Another snorefest of a week, as expected.

Not wasting any time and getting right into it...

The Vanduul Void Bomber has been 'identified'.

The Scythe will be flyable once the FPS portion of the game goes live, since it relies on animations from that version of the game.

I don't normally mention this, but since there is so little else... the June subscriber flair is out, the Avenger ship model. So much for doing something 'different' for more than one month...


Greetings once again, fellow humanoids.

So here I am, posting this at almost 3 am on Monday morning. I don't know when I'm going to get back to posting on Saturdays, I've just been so dead tired. It depends when my schedule clears up. I will have to see about the possibility of prepping some of my post before Satuday, maybe that will work. We'll see. Right now finding free time is pretty hard.

Anyway, this past week was another one of them that ended up being about nothing that we really didn't already know, which is probably going to be the case quite often going forward. It's mostly back-end netcode that is holding up the release of the FPS, but barring not being able to give it to us yet there was mention that work on other parts of the game still continues apace.

From the way things are going, though, I don't think anyone here (myself included) would be surprised...

Once again, apologies for being late in posting this. Had another very long work week (52 hours this time) so I crashed as soon as I got home from work yesterday. (We seem to be undergoing something of a personnel overhaul at work and since I'm the seniormost employee I get to pick if I want overtime. It's tiring, but damn those are some nice paychecks.)

Being completely honest, having watched the Star Citizen news for the week - this one is going to be even more barren than the last one. Look at it this way, even the 'sneak peek' pics we were shown in ATV was stuff I had already posted here because of lack of other images to post - and they were from the subscriber vault!

I guess that is in part because of 'The Leak'. There are plenty of images from that if you know where to look. I won't post any of them here, not just because many of them are potentially spoilers,...


Apologies for posting this late, but yesterday was rather busy for me and I didn't end up finishing with everything until nearly 2am this morning. I know it breaks my Saturday posting streak... but, y'know... 'life'.

Without further ado, lets get into examining the past week.

Believe it or not, the only 'big' bit of news is the Reliant sale. It's a new starter ship... in fact, they're calling it a new 'Tier II' starter, which means it could be the type of ship someone started with if they bought, say, the collectors edition of Star Citizen. It's still considered a starter, but it is also just a little bit better than the other two.

Since it is the only big thing, it does make my summarizing easier, but it also feels just a bit empty. I normally have two...