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Greetings once again, boys and girls. It's time for another story from good old Uncle Jasticus, and this time I come bearing gifts!

Well, at this point I think good news can be considered a gift, right?

PTU 1.1.5 went live as of Saturday afternoon (in the US). I had considered doing my SUNSPOT update yesterday when it arrived, but waited a bit to see if I could gather some impressions, based not only on the patch notes, but also on other people's experiences so far.

If you're not interested in the PTU and are going to wait until live, but still are curious about what the notes entail, here you go:

(I have highlighted items in red throughout todays post that I think are quite important/have a bigger impact that more people are interested in.)
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(Formatting within spoiler tags is a pain in the ass, sorry about that. I gave up after the 4th attempt or so.)...
The newest edition of the PTU, version 1.1.5 is now available.

Notably, this adds the flyable Merlin, Scythe, 16 player matches, Launcher "2.0", as well as nerfing CS missiles and a variety of pre-FPS stuff in the background.

Full patch notes can be found here.

It is that time again for another glorious summary of everything that has happened over the last week. There has been a bit more info this week than compared to past weeks (just a bit). Outlooks are a little bit brighter, regardless, considering 1.1.4 has hit and 1.1.5 is being talked about as being on the horizon, which is better news than complete silence about the next patch.

All that 1.1.4 had was some hangar flair that was owed to people, but 1.1.5 (which could go on PTU as soon as Mon/Tues) is going to be the first in a couple months that actually has some decent content. As to what exactly that content is... we don't know just yet, but everyone is waiting.

Some of the better news is that they will be testing their new launcher 2.0 with the next PTU update, which I personally...

Only a few quick things to make note of this past week. Until we actually get something new to play with I'm probably going to just gloss over most items we get, though I have a feeling a lot of others are in the same boat I am. Looking stuff over to see what's up briefly before other things catch our attention.

This one is going to be smaller than normal anyway, since there was no Reverse the Verse because of July 4th in the US.


There is a Genesis Starliner Q & A thread that might answer any of those burning questions you have, if you're interested in it at all.

We'll be getting weekly updates for the FPS now, like they did with Arena Commander back when we were...

So, to make up for the slow trickle of information over the last month or so, this week we got swamped. Is anyone complaining? I'm certainly not.

Several WIP's from Jump Points were posted for public consumption, for both the Hull Series and ArcCorp, if anyone is interested to take a look at them.

The Chairman himself gave us a post on Friday, explaining what was going on with the game, and why it was taking so long to get it out to us. It seems as if they have completely scrapped a lot of the piecemeal stuff they were doing, and instead are just going ahead and pumping it right into what the PU will end...