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Wait, whats this? It's been one year already?

Why yes, yes it has. It's only number 50 instead of 52 because CIG takes off the last two weeks of the year - so I did the same because there was nothing to report. Still though, 50 weeks with a post every weekend. Dayum! Did you know that the average SUNSPOT takes me about 4 hours to put together? It's a lot more time intensive than I thought it would be back when I started doing it, that's for sure.

(Much thanks to F. John for making the spiffy anniversary logo.)

Lets see, what happened this last week... well, not much to be honest. We're supposed to have the Social Module by the end of the month, so CIG has roughly 8 days to make that happen. Considering what they showed at gamescom, part of me wonders if they've had it ready to go and are just trying to stuff in as much 'extra' stuff as they can before the deadline. The...

Hello again everyone!

It was another... well, not as glorious week as last week, but it was still nice. There wasn't much in the way of sparkly new information that we got - but that is typical of a week (or three) following a large reveal event.

If trends hold true then things will likely be relatively quiet going forward (not counting new releases, but information-wise) until CitizenCon which is rumored to have more information about Squadron 42. Perhaps an estimated release window, even if we won't believe it... or who some of the actors in it are...

Oh well. If release windows hold true this time, then we will potentially be able to wander around Area 18 by the end of the month, and -finally- have the FPS by the end of next month. Fingers crossed, aye?

As for other happenings... there was a patch that went out on Thursday, bringing the current version to...

Don't know if the Servicemen tag will work, but I used it anyway. *fingers crossed*

There is so much that happened this last week that it boggles the mind. As a bit of a tradeoff, there was no ATV and RTV though, so no itemized lists of things they are working on because of that.

First bit of news is that 1.1.6 went live to the servers, and what everyone would have been playing since right before the gamescom presentation.

There are now SC branded track jackets available for pre-order if you are interested in one.

The Monthly Report for July has been posted, with tons and...

Hello again, everyone.

Let's get right on into it all, shall we?

There wasn't much going on this week, other than PTU 1.1.6 hitting the test servers and 1.1.5 getting a few hotfixes to solve some issues that had cropped up. I believe they are up to 1.1.5d now.

We got our weekly Star Marine status update, and it looks like there are more blockers than before, though that could just be a perceived thing on my part.

After four months, there was another video made about the Wonderful World of Star Citizen, with some pretty cool fan imagined works shown off. Not sure how often this one is supposed to happen, but four months seems like a long time....
The latest PTU patch has arrived, for those interested.

The SC Launcher has also been updated to version 2.3.

The updates include...