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To put it bluntly, this week was a snorefest. Nothing at all happened, and to be honest, nothing has been asked/answered that we probably didn't already know. CIG is keeping quiet about a lot of stuff to show it all off for CitizenCon, so between this week and next, it's gonna be the doldrums. Egads.

Just how quiet of a week was it, exactly?

Well, all I have to post in this part where I do the website updates is this little thing called the Star Marine weekly update. That's it, outside of the normal programming. Yeah, slow.

Expect more of the same next week. The week after that though? Well... heh.



You know, I tried to find something to post...

Good Sunday to everyone. It was another (relatively) quiet week regarding things that are SC related. They are definitely running silent before CitizenCon in about 3 weeks, so that seems to be pretty typical of the way they operate right before a big event.

The Community Hub is now officially live to everyone, and so is the Issue Council, where bugs can be reported on by members of the community so that CIG takes note in case they missed one.

Other than that, there was the usual barrage of weekly updates, including the latest Star Marine update (it's inching ever closer!) and a note that the...

Hello once again, everybody.

It's been yet another week, and there really isn't too much to talk about, because a lot of the things speak for themselves. Such as...

Patch 1.2.1 has arrived on the PTU, and can be played. The patch will probably hit the live server sometime this week. There are a lot of changes, some of which are not documented in the current notes. The Scythe and Glaive weapons have been buffed so they are at least decent now. Rocket damage (on the Delta) has been buffed. The Merlin's weight was reduced, making it even faster. Finally, all non-gatling weapons now have weapon spread.

Here's the actual notes:
Show Spoiler

Hangar Module
  • Fixed an issue where characters would not be properly aligned in the Retaliator when attempting to sit in the Retaliator pilot chair.
  • Fixed an issue where characters would appear outside of the...


Well... it's been another week. Already. My, how time flies.

Sorry for the lateness, have a lot of other stuff going on (and I had to work today so I could have Monday off) but thats the way the cookie crumbles. Or something like that. Anyway, just getting right into it, since I still have a few other things on my plate to accomplish...

There was a 'note' from the Chairman about a new game undergoing a kickstarter called EVERSPACE. Feel free to check it out if you want more space games.

There were two separate posts because there were apparently a lot of questions... so here is the first session, and here is...

So yeah, nothing really of note happened this week, so unfortunately I don't have anything to report on. Sorry about wasting a serviceman tag.

Just kidding.

Star Citizen 1.2 has arrived, and it arrived with a vengeance, unloading the glory of the first iteration of the Social Module upon our unsuspecting selves!

Well, perhaps not entirely unexpected, they did tell us that they would have it out at the end of the month, and by golly they actually did it. With 3 days to spare, even!

So yes, be sure to check it out if you are able. Even though it hasn't really had much optimization it still runs very good (for me at least, but I have a GTX 980) and the load time is still minimal. It will be seamless eventually, but for now I don't...