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Hello everybodyyyy...

There isn't a lot to announce, because Alpha 1.3 has arrived. So everybody should probably be playing that, while anticipating Alpha 2. Supposedly a lot of the new damage states are in for some of the older ships, or so I've read/heard?

What happened this week anyway, you ask? To be completely honest, there was only one standout item this week that isn't in video format, and that was the...

...weekly update on the status of Alpha 2 and Star Marine was posted, as always. Seems to be getting ever closer.

Oh, and even if you have seen the updated SC Alpha 2 WIP video... watch it again.


Three years ago today, a small group of Kickstarter backers and early members of the RSI forum came together with a unique vision for approaching a very ambitious project. A lot has changed since then – while Star Citizen has continued to evolve into the Best Damn Space Sim Ever, the Systems United Navy has continued to adapt and mold itself.

We’ve had our share of good days and bad days. We’ve waged successful campaigns, earned recognition, and suffered drama both internal and external. We’ve built friendships, forged allegiances, and have lost comrades. Time and time again, we’ve shown that patience, perseverance and planning will accomplish all things.

The journey is far from over. Hell, it’s only closer to beginning. We’re continue to grind down our rough edges, and to hone our sharp ones. And when the jump points finally open and the barbarian hordes of Vanduul, pirates and griefers are set...

This week was a return to form for CIG, with their ususal "Here is a shiny or two to keep you occupied until we finally release the next big thing for you to play with." which isn't bad... just omg gib 1.3 already!

Yes, yes, it's on the PTU but I don't bother with the PTU. But that's just me. I-It's not like I'm excited to play it or anything!

Anyway, compared to the informationpalooza from last week, this one was rather low-key, as to be expected. They are reiterating that they're grinding away at stuff to get it out to us, which I believe. We've already got the 1.3 PTU, so assuming that goes live this week, we'll have early to mid-November (if we're lucky) being the SC Alpha 2 release. Hopefully they'll try to get it out for the anniversary sale, which has been rumored to start on or around the 19th.

In case you know someone looking to get into the game, the...


Well, as I have said the last 2 weeks... this one would be the big one. It turned out to be true as well, for the most part anyway.

Lots of new stuff and things were shown off, but as to when exactly we are gonna get to mess around with them... well, that's anyone's guess. If we're lucky we'll see SC Alpha 1.3 going to the PTU sometime next week, and then SC Alpha 2.0 sometime before the end of the year. All we can do is hope at this point.

Because Xenforo only lets me post 4 youtube videos, I can't actually put them all in this post... just in case anyone asks. I will post links here, but probably not any pictures because pretty much all of them can be found in the various videos, or links to their direct place of display.

There is waaaaay too much for me to go into great depth on any one topic (not lack of desire, more like lack of time) so everything will be here...

Welcome to the shortest SUNSPOT ever. So, just as I stated last week... there was even less info this week than there was last week, so this particular post is probably going to be shorter than usual. Add onto that all the poo-flinging going on, and it's even harder to find legit material.

Expect all that to change with CitCon next weekend. (Hopefully.)

There is an article explaining what it is exactly that the Endeavor does, plus the first Q&A series for the ship.

Then there was the usual update post for Star Marine... and not really anything else.