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Yesterday, in a surprise update, RSI launched “Live Chat” (henceforth known as the “read as fast as you can” blog, or “the metronome”) and Chris spent some time chatting with people.

Earlier in the evening, Shawn, the front-end designer for RSI, updated the community and told us that Ben Lesnick , the community manager, is out of commission due to lack of power caused by hurricane Sandy. Our thoughts continue to be with Ben and everybody else impacted from the storm.

Ben also told us that they will be launching the $3.5 million stretch goal soon, and that they have unveiled both the combined Kickstarter number as well as the ‘Nav Bar’ on the Star Citizen crowd funding page.

Later in the evening, Chris logged onto Live Chat to talk with the community....
Chris Roberts spent 30 minutes or so answering Q&A on Kickstarter on the 27th as well as October 28th. Also Ben Lesnick continues to answer as many questions as he can. (Of course it continues to be similar to the battle of Thermopylae.) Below is the summary of the new stuff that came out of those discussions:

Chris on October 27th:
  • On mining, Chris has not worked out the dynamics yet, but he wants some skill involved and for it to be fun. He doesn’t want it to be some boring social game dynamic where “you just have to water your plants every 30 minutes.”Chris gave a detailed response on how he wants the game to be balanced:
“Well this is part of the reason why you're all going to get to play the MP dog fighting alpha - we'll need your help in balancing this. But I would say that flying skill definitely enters into it. A good player in a Hornet matched up against a good player in a Constellation should not be a foregone conclusion in the...
As of Thursday, October 25th, Chris’ Roberts vision of Star Citizen and Squadron 42 is officially a go!

I want to thank everybody that contributed thus far, and continue to beg that if you haven’t yet, you do so soon. With almost every member of the community agreeing, the crowd funding program looks to continue for another 24 days. In that time, I hope we can hit some of those stretch goals!

A lot has happened over the last few days, and I will do my best to catch everybody up. (At least those of you who are not hitting refresh every 5 seconds… you know who you are).
First and foremost, at around 5:30 am ET on October 25th, the game became fully funded when adding the Kickstarter Pledges to the main RSI pledges. At the time of writing this note, pledges are already up another $160,000!

Part of the reason that pledges are jumping so quickly is that the ability to upgrade your account has now been fully implemented. Additionally, RSI has added a few more levels of pledges, as...
Before we begin, on a personal note, I would like to thank Chris and the team for reaching their first pledge goal. It is simply outstanding that armed with a limited amount of gameplay, and only having your vision to back it up, you have been able to collectively rally fans everywhere and almost reach your $2,000,000 goal in an incredibly short time span. On behalf of the Systems United team, and Star Citizen fans everywhere, we would like to congratulate you! Keep up the good work!

Around 10:00 PM Eastern on October 23rd, shortly after reaching Kickstarter’s $500,000 goal, Chris Roberts got back on Kickstarter to answer more fan questions.

Below is some more color around the game and recent developments:

  • In Chris’ first comment, while he was excited about hitting $500,000, he was also disappointed that pledges have slowed. (So if you haven’t already, keep pledging.)
  • He apologized for the delay in ship specs. He actually stepped away from Kickstarter for a...
It appears that Chris and the dev team are keeping their word when they said they are actively listening to community feedback. (Achievement Unlocked: Listening to the community! You have earned an extra $100 the next time I pledge ;)) Today's topic, more pledge rewards! I wouldn't be surprised that some users are re-pledging for access to all five of the ships, and for other gooderies like the electroskin. And gamers being gamers, we are a hard bunch to satisfy! So the dev team have posted a multiple choice poll on their site allowing for users to vote on what pledge benefits do we want to see next. Here are the goods:

Multiple copies of the game
– families, groups of friends and others seem interested in having pledges that don’t include so many physical rewards but to include several copies of Star Citizen to share among themselves.

More than one ship – a lot of people seem interested in collecting all the ships today! You can do this by pledging...