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Six million, two hundred sixty eight thousand, two hundred and forty six. $6,268,246. Said another way, we hit every goal Chris could dream of, and even passed that. Shoot, we even got the lamp as a ship decoration.

I would love to post more news and details about the game… but everything possible has been posted so far in the forums! Chris and Ben are most likely sleeping right now (and for the next 12 hours), and there was a decided lack of further concept art from the game.

However, the real news is… US!

To say the fundraising was a success would be a gross understatement. We proved everything that every PC gamer had to prove. We came, we saw, we pledged, and we got everything we could possibly think of. We even raised $250k during the 3 hours the team took dinner and the lamp kept us company!

I am proud of you all! You should all be celebrating.

But we have a long road to go, and when the party is over, our focus needs to shift. It is now time for SUN to rise! We need...
I can not believe it. I seriously can not believe it. You guys went well beyond the call of duty! We hit $6 million. RSI has raised so much money that they are creating stretch goals on the fly. Doing this all while the site has been down (or at least VERY flaky) for hours!

We still have an hour to go. We are begging for the audio to be turned back on... but I am amazed. Fantastic work everybody! Thank you for those who pledged and those that told others about the game!

Let the next years be the true golden age for space sims! Let us go into the void and see what we shall find. Let us go forth into that "undisovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns" with missles and guns blazing. And let us not go softly into the night, but show the world.... WE... ARE... PC... GAMERS!
Good evening officers and enlisted men. This is Lance, you favorite SUN reporter with a major update from Robert’s Space Industries. I usually stick to the hard news and don’t endorse any manufacturer, but given the strong support RSI has given SUN over the years, I thought I would make an exception.

Tonight, RSI finally released its catalog for the 2942 season. New this year, the company is updating its famous Constellation line with the Mark 3. Boy is she a beauty! While keeping the tradition with the previous Mark 2, the Mark 3 is an improvement in almost every detail.

Image 0.jpg

First the specs:

The company has upgraded the life support, now allowing a 4 person crew instead of the previous 3 person limit. (So no more putting the kids into cryo just because there isn’t room for them…. Though you may still want to do that through jumps for your own sanity!) Additionally, the company has kept the four engine upgrade points, but got rid of the annoying...
Good day all. This is your esteemed news reporter Lance coming back with an update on Star Citizen as we approach the end of the crowd sourcing phase.

First things first. Thank you all! As of writing this, RSI has raised well past $3.5 million and it looks like we will surpass $4 million in total funds raised. It is because of you that this game is being made at all, and because of you this game will now be EPIC! We flew past the $2.5 million mark… so the Anvil Gladiator will be playable (though it will probably turn like an elephant on vicodin). We breezed past the $3 million mark giving us 35 missions in Squadron 42 and 40 star systems. And now we got past $3.5 million… and our reward is… bobbleheads and fuzzy dice?!? Oh yeah, and every $100k has been getting us a new system to play in.

While we have won this war,...
Hi everyone. I am sorry for being out of pocket. By the way, Chicago is really cold! And there is a mile-long line outside my house of cars waiting for the gas station.

There has been, and continues to be a massive amount of news coming out of RSI, and it really seems they have stepped up their game in trying to promote Star Citizen. For this posting, I will try to catch everybody up with the most important, exciting, or just freaking cool news that came out in the last week!


I can’t pronounce it, and thanks to Ben they have officially been dubbed “space turtles”, but RSI officially released details of the first alien race, the Xi’An. As creatures, they seem to have extremely long lives and live by an absolute hereditary monarchy. Also, given every member of their population is required fifteen years of military service, they look to be formidable foes. While officially at peace with humans, there is plenty of speculation about the intentions of...