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Good day servicemen! This is Lance Devero, your favorite SUN reporter with a special announcement.

We now have a Donate button!! For those of you who missed it, it is on the right side of the home page. (Please don’t click on this article’s image as it doesn’t work.)

Now, you too can help make SUN even better. Up to this point, the admiral and Zovator have been generously funding this operation by themselves. However, many of us started to ask for (demanded) other features, such as TeamSpeak and a dedicated gaming server. While the staff thought these were great ideas, we were hesitant as we knew how much it costs to implement these solutions in a manner that would appropriately represent SUN.

However, with your help, SUN hopes to implement a lot of new features, including:
  • Bigger TeamSpeak servers (as needed)
  • A dedicated game server hosted at a server farm (for the lowest ping and highest bandwidth). This could grow to multiple servers on different continents if...
Good evening all! This is your favorite reporter, Lance Devero, with a special announcement.

Thanks to a generous donation by bleachorange, we now have an official SUN TeamSpeak server. In addition, as a backup server, Inc has allowed us to use his TeamSpeak server. The SUN server still has limited capacity (which we are working on), so please don’t all hit it at once…

To access server details, please go to the Servers section under Intercom. (Note, you must be a registered SUN Serviceman to access Intercom).

All SUN members should feel free to utilize these resources to get to know your other SUN members better… and KICK SOME ASS ON PlanetSide.

Until next time… Accipiens ad Astra.

Edit: Thanks to another member, who will remain anonymous, the official server has grown to 50 slots.

Good day all! Lance, your favorite reporter here with three short updates.

First, a big shout out to the new Expanded Gaming Initiative Board (EGI)! (Do we have to have acronyms for everything?? ) Make sure to check out the EGI board and start playing with your fellow SUN members while we collectively hold our breath for the SC alpha! Tyrus had passed out twice until we got him shooting at someone… So far, we have teams forming in Planetside 2, Team Fortress 2, League of Legends and Dota 2. If anybody has a different game they wish to join up with other SUN members in, contact me or one of the other staff, and we can make a group for you to post in!

Second, I wanted to mention that there has been a major update to the operations manual. (How in the world are we on version 9.11 already?!?) It is stickied in the Systems United Navy thread, and is required reading for everybody enlisted in SUN. Although still a work in progress, it forms the basis of how SUN operates and expected...
Written By: Iceblade

Good day to all survivors of the Apocalypse. This is Pilot Officer Iceblade filling in for your regular journalist Lance. Don't worry, he didn't die in all the fire and brimstone outside, and he'll be back to doing more regular updates in the coming months.

And you know who else survived? Chris Roberts and his talented peeps at CIG, who are still hard at work. And to prove it, they have released a special End-of-the-World edition of the first issue of Jump-Point – the monthly behind-the-scenes magazine for Centurion and Imperator subscribers. And for surviving the catastrophe, Chris Roberts has generously allowed everybody still breathing free access to the first issue.

Before continuing on with other news, let us examine the first issue of Jump-Point. Right on the cover of the magazine is concept art for the inside of Vanduul Scythe's cockpit. On the following page, the editor David Ladyman, introduces the magazine in a one page foreword. After...
Good Day Star Farers...​

It is your favorite reporter, Lance Devero, coming out of Cryo and reporting the news. Sorry for taking so long… there was an issue I had on Omega 3. But thank you, the new leg works great! However, I realized how bad the other news channels are for reporting as I laid there watching the darn thing regrow… but I regress…

New Forums a RSI

So the big news is that the new forums have FINALLY launched, and they look great! At the time of writing this article, the SUN recruitment thread has over 3,000 views. (However, most of them are all of us trying to get our signature to work… which is almost as entertaining as the lamp threads, though I miss the old “Please Delete” thread.)

Please stop by the SUN guild thread and give a shout out… if for no other reason to keep us at the top of the list. Also, keep ranking us 5 stars in the forums so we can show others how good SUN really is!...