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Greetings Citizens,

Artist Clint Schultz is hard at work creating a set of UEE armed services logo and we’ll be showing them all off in this space. Today is the feared UEE Advocacy division! Formed in 2523 when the United Nations of Earth transformed into the United Planets of Earth (UPE). The Advocacy was designed to be an inter-system police force under the High Advocate. During the fascist Messer Era, the Advocacy took on a darker role as the Imperator’s Secret Police, Intelligence, and Espionage agency. The extent of their actions are still unknown but Advocacy officials at the time were implicated in high-profile assassinations, the apprehension and torture of non-compliant elements in the populace, and propaganda mongers.

UEE Advocacy Logo - Cloud Imperium Games, High Res Here
When the...
This weeks episode of Star Citizen FM is out! This time featuring an Interview with Chris Smith, A recap of last weeks Wingman's Hangar, and a special feature about the Systems United Navy. Enjoy!

Greetings Citizens,

We leave you for the week with one more piece of concept art. This is Terra, one of the most powerful worlds of the United Empire of Earth. Resource-rich and located at an economically important set of jump nexuses, Terra is the rising power in the galaxy… but could it ever eclipse Earth itself?

Terra Concept Art, Cloud Imperium Games - View it full size here.
Chris showed Terra during his SXSW talk and we’re excited to hear your feedback! As with the Spider concept art shown last week, this is a “look and feel” environmental piece. It’s used to capture the overall mood and atmosphere for the system. Our artists will use this piece for creating specific locations and for expanding the world in many directions!...
Good evening servicemen, it is your favorite reporter, Lance Devero. A short update, as I will let the pictures speak for themselves. After an intense round of fundraising, some scrambling to get it done in time, and a true team effort by everybody involved, SUN was able to do something special for Cloud Imperium. WE GOT THEM CAKE!

But no, we didn’t just settle on any cake. Thanks to my fellow SUN servicemen, we were able to get Cloud Imperium 2 sculpted cakes, one in the shape of the Hornet, and the other in the shape of our citizen cards! (I do, however, hope our cards will be somewhat thinner.)

Before I get onto the pictures, I have 3 “Thank You’s” and one special announcement I need to make.

First, I would like to thank Mechanical Graham for the massive amount of work associated with this project. He coordinated almost everything involved with the cakes and really led the way in this effort. So please, if you get a chance, send him a private message...
Good evening servicemen, it is your favorite reporter, Lance Devero, coming to you with two big announcements: Citizen Cards and a Diaspora tournament. We will also overview some of the death mechanics, and report that at least two SUN members were called out for special recognition in this week’s Wingman’s Hanger.

Citizen Cards Are Coming…

Tonight, RSI announced the final details and date around the citizen cards. Get your final pledges in by February 15th (or 14th to be safe) to get the top level card you deserve! Note that they now say the Gold card and up are solid brushed metal. (Now if it was only made out of the metal that you pledged…)

Make sure to log into your RSI account and click the “BIG RED BOX” to put in your shipping details. Also, if you have ordered shirts, they will also be shipped at the same time. Also, check out the FAQ’s on today’s Comm-Link post to see the sizes of the T-Shirts.

They expect delivery of the cards and...