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DrHawk is back for this weeks episode of Star Citizen FM. I'm going to skip the description for this one and simply present you the goods. Enjoy watching!

Good day servicemen! This is your favorite reporter, Lance Devero, coming to you with an exclusive interview. On Friday at PAX East, Chris Roberts was part of a 6 member panel answering questions about the future of MMOs. Afterwards, Chris and Sandi met with some of his fans for a few drinks, and I was lucky enough to have dinner with both of them.

Before I get to the juicy parts, I want to thank both Chris and Sandi! I know of no other team that cares about their fans to the degree this team does. Everybody at Cloud Imperium deserves huge props for putting themselves out there to the community and allowing all of us to be such a big part of the process.

Obviously, when Chris Roberts is in the room with a whole bunch of fans, they tend to ask a few questions about his vision. I was no different… and here are some of the more interesting tidbits that he was willing to share. (Mind you, there WAS tequila involved… so some of the answers might be a bit fuzzy.) I’m not going to...
The seat of the United Empire of Earth is, as you might expect, Earth itself. And for our artists that presents a different challenge than the other locations you’ve already seen. It’s one thing to imagine futuristic landscapes like Spider and Terra… but it’s another skill entirely to evolve locations we know on Earth today into the 30th century!

Moscow Concept Art (Full Size) - Cloud Imperium Games

To help develop the world of tomorrow, the team chose a number of varied Earth cities and attempted to imagine them into the future: New York, Beijing and Moscow. Several other cities were also studied and ultimately rejected! The idea was to provide a...
A few days ago the Systems United Navy was invited by the Internet Spaceships News Network to conduct their first Squadron interview. In light of his newest promotion, we decided to send over our newest general staff member RADM Ephraim Tannhauser.

I strongly recommend you sign up on their site and leave a comment or two. ​
Also, in an unrelated note may I congratulate Blackbird for his promotion to Flight Lieutenant.

Twentieth Century Fox, (2009), ISV Venture Star.​
Yesterday, we showed the first of five UEE ‘faction’ logos. The plan was to show one new logo each day, revealing information about the individual faction along with it. From your response, however, there was some confusion about just what you were seeing. As a result, we’ve decided to show all five logos at once… and in the process clarify what these images are and how they came to be.

Clint Shultz, interviewed below, is a world class graphic designer who has worked on over two-dozen Hollywood productions including the Star Trek reboot, Mission Impossible 3, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, Cowboys & Aliens, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Zodiac. Clint has designed all of our logos to date: Roberts Space Industries, Star Citizen, Squadron 42, Anvil Aerospace, Joker Engineering and others.

All of these logos began as simple vector graphic images like the one you saw yesterday. This is necessary because they will be adapted for many uses, from in-game appearances to...