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Star Citizen 2.4 Is out now!

I'm sure I'm not the only one hyped about 2.4 but it adds persistence, currency, buyable weapons, armour, clothes, and etc, as well as enhanced missions, a flyable starfarer, and a hangar ready reliant.

Patch Notes (open)

New Features

Star Systems:


After months of construction, the Casaba Shopping Outlet has opened up on ArcCorp!Interested pilots can now purchase the latest fashions from around the frontier at affordable prices.
Cubby Blast has also fixed the main sales computer, and is ready to sell eager pilots weapons, flight suits and armor sets.
The shop clerks in ArcCorp have received some graphical improvements to be less soulless.


Port Olisar has been renovated. While some areas are still under construction, completed sections include improved atrium and the opening of several new shops, including...
Star Citizen Alpha 2.2 is Live!

Here is a link to the patch notes.

[From here on are details from Light Cavalry]
Thanks for catching this @Pulveris!
Most notable additions are the sabre is flyable, the Xi'an Scout is in the hangar, the physicalized EVA system, and the addition of a bounty/wanted system around crusader.

My understanding is that the bounty system is currently akin to that of Grand Theft Auto, with varying wanted levels.

New Features (open)

Star Systems:
We have increased the number of players and player-ships per instance of Crusader from 16 to 24.
The scale of the system has adjusted, the planet Crusader and moons are at a more appropriate distance from one another.Comm Arrays have been re-positioned accordingly.
Comm Array 8 has been removed.
The Comm Arrays have been...
Version 2.1 of Star Citizen is now released to live! Start your patchers!

Some big changes that jumped out at me were
  • Vanguard is flyable
  • Freelancer is flyable
  • Saber is hangar-ready
  • Million Mile High Club ready for those who have one (@Xasper)
  • Lots of optimization server side and client side

In addition, the Vanguard and Saber are now being sold, both separately, and in a combo pack for a slight discount.

Full Patch Notes (open)

Hangar Module
Million Mile High Club is now available on live to those with the eligible package. You can access it via the Hangar elevator or the Main Menu -> “Universes” interface.It is also possible for members of your party to go with you into your Million Mile High Club.
ShipsThe AEGIS Sabre is now hangar-ready!
The new MISC Freelancer (base) model is is now...
@Servicemen (with @Firefox14x 's permission)
Star Citizen Alpha 2.0.0 is live!

See the trailer!
Full details below
Details: (open)

Greetings Citizens,
Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 is here! Today, we are proud to make the next major step in Star Citizen’s evolution available to all players. This major update to Star Citizen is available now in your launcher. With Alpha 2.0, we introduce a wide swath of features, including large world maps, multi-crew ships, seamless first person combat, missions and much more. In short: this is the biggest update to Star Citizen yet!
Welcome to Crusader
Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 is set in the environs of Crusader, a gas giant in the Stanton System. We’ve packed this area of space with multiple points of interest and player options that will...

Okay, so unlike the total and absolute void we got last week (I picked a good week to forget to post something), today was absolutely chock full of information.

Unlike a normal SUNSPOT, I don't really think things can be divided up the normal way, so I'm just going to be posting things from beginning to end in one concise spot. This way you can look here and get all your jollies in one nice place.

I'm also not certain if there will be a Reverse the Verse tomorrow since they are moving offices this weekend (I don't think there will be), but if they are, then I will add it here later.

The biggest news at the moment though?
SC ALPHA 2.0 IS CURRENTLY ON THE PTU. Yay! Get out your party poppers and whatnot. The only current catch is that it is limited to 1000 people, but as with previous tests that number will likely grow exponentially as they begin stress...