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Latest update done 23rd of November.

PTU LIVE! : https://robertsspaceindustries.com/.../expanding-star-citizen-alpha-3-0-ptu-testing

Last update from CIG: 23rd November, 2017
Last update from me: 23rd November, 2017

NOW live for Evocati 6th October
NOW live for PTU 23rd November


Release date: - 8 September (21th August) - (was 29th June)

Hey @Servicemen!

Light Cavalry, your friendly neighborhood Ombudsman here.
I just got back to my home after having evacuated due to the unprecedented Hurricane Matthew that impacted the Carribean and the Southeast United States.

I was lucky that other than some minor flooding, my home was undamaged and everything was fine. However, many people, particularly in Haiti, lost their lives, family members, their homes, and their livelihoods to this natural disaster.

Now, unless you're willing to take days out of your schedule and fly down, it seems difficult to help anyone, but there are ways to help in the relief efforts for this disaster.

The charitable organization I recommend donating to are either the International Red Cross or UNICEF. Both have reputations for being highly effective aid organizations and are conducting relief efforts for those who were affected by hurricane Matthew.

I can't emphasize enough how much every dollar you donate means...
Get ready to download, the devs just announced that 2.5 will be going is live today!
2.5 is a patch that’s concentrating once again on the expansion of new playable content including:
  • A new base for the nefarious denizens of the verse called GrimHEX which is located in the Yela asteroid field. This base will function as a spawn point for players that enter Crusader with outlaw wanted level.
  • With this comes a new line of clothing options which cater to the rougher/punk crowd.
  • New flyable ships which are the Reliant KORE (the mini hauler variant of the Reliant), and two Argo variants (cargo and passenger) which are now on concept sale.
  • Player Health System 2.0 which includes the status of individual limb damage and some basic versions of injury penalties.
  • A new landing system that is meant to be the basis for further landing system development. Right now there are three modes: manual, semi-automatic (assistance towards the end of the landing) and fully...
Star Citizen 2.4 Is out now!

I'm sure I'm not the only one hyped about 2.4 but it adds persistence, currency, buyable weapons, armour, clothes, and etc, as well as enhanced missions, a flyable starfarer, and a hangar ready reliant.

Patch Notes (open)

New Features

Star Systems:


After months of construction, the Casaba Shopping Outlet has opened up on ArcCorp!Interested pilots can now purchase the latest fashions from around the frontier at affordable prices.
Cubby Blast has also fixed the main sales computer, and is ready to sell eager pilots weapons, flight suits and armor sets.
The shop clerks in ArcCorp have received some graphical improvements to be less soulless.


Port Olisar has been renovated. While some areas are still under construction, completed sections include improved atrium and the opening of several new shops, including...
Star Citizen Alpha 2.2 is Live!

Here is a link to the patch notes.

[From here on are details from Light Cavalry]
Thanks for catching this @Pulveris!
Most notable additions are the sabre is flyable, the Xi'an Scout is in the hangar, the physicalized EVA system, and the addition of a bounty/wanted system around crusader.

My understanding is that the bounty system is currently akin to that of Grand Theft Auto, with varying wanted levels.

New Features (open)

Star Systems:
We have increased the number of players and player-ships per instance of Crusader from 16 to 24.
The scale of the system has adjusted, the planet Crusader and moons are at a more appropriate distance from one another.Comm Arrays have been re-positioned accordingly.
Comm Array 8 has been removed.
The Comm Arrays have been...